We Moved!

Well hello there friends! It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted here, but it’s been for a very big reason. Earlier this year, we made the very big decision to move back to Houston and after some very long months of planning, prepping and packing, we are finally here!

For those of you who are newer here, Clint and I lived in Houston together after graduate school, bought our first house here and had Jackson here.  Then, back in 2013 we moved to Michigan for a job opportunity for Clint. 

A big part of our hearts was always in Texas and when we had the opportunity to move back earlier this year, it really got us thinking. Of course then COVID really exploded throughout the world and our plans were put on hold. Oddly enough, over the course of the next few months, the opportunity to move hadn’t changed and our remote work situation offered us the (at least temporary) flexibility to actually execute the move. 

So here we are!

We purchased a home in August that we are so happy with and in a neighborhood we love already. Our kids have started their new schools and we’re working away trying to get settled. My hope in this process is that getting settled will bring back things we love, including my being able to spend time here, working on the blog. Like many people, we’ve been thrown for a bit of a loop this year but I think that loop is landing in a good place for us. 

I can’t wait to share how we’re decorating the new house and the great new things I discover and rediscover here in Houston. So welcome back to the blog and I’m excited to be connecting with you all again! 


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