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at home spa essentials colleen rothschild | Home Spa Essentials by popular Michigan beauty blog, The HSS Feed: image of various Colleen Rothschild beauty products.

Self-care seems to be a big thing lately; and you’d think that being home this much would make it easier. But honestly it’s hard to find the time! 

For a while, had been telling Clint that the few minutes a day that I’ve had to shower has really been the only quiet time I’ve had to myself over these last few weeks so I’ve really valued it. I wanted to share this quick at-home spa essentials session that I sort of accidentally created a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been super fortunate that Colleen Rothschild has been kind and generous with products, so I have lots of great things on hand to create a relaxing, detoxifying and calming experience at home! This routine uses all of their products for at home spa essentials because I 1. really love and use them daily and 2. they are effective and luxurious-feeling.  

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Calming At Home Spa Essentials

calming at home spa essentials | Home Spa Essentials by popular Michigan beauty blog, The HSS Feed: image of various Colleen Rothschild beauty products.

Step 1 // Cleanse & Mask

Before hopping in the shower, I washed my face and put on a Clarifying Detox Mask. This mask is one of my very favorites and I feel like it is a great one for balancing stressed skin. It has activated charcoal, Kaolin clay for detoxing and balancing, and blend of Vitamin C and Willoherb for soothing. I leave mine on for a total of 10-15 minutes so that it dries and pulls out all of those toxins. 

Step 2 // Shower & Relax 

If you haven’t tried the Colleen Rothschild bath products, I think they are great and I highly recommend them – they also make great gifts! I have both sets but, especially at night, I’ve been enjoying the Honey Vanilla collection. It’s softly scented and not too sweet smelling, but it also has a cozy and comforting feel to it that makes it perfect for relaxing. The body scrub is great for getting rid of that winter dry skin (I also like it for pre-self tanning!) and following up with the body butter makes your skin SO smooth and soft.

Step 3 // Hydrate

Because I washed the mask off in the shower,  I applied my finishing skincare when I got out.  I first used the Age Renewal Super Serum, which felt really soothing and almost cooling after the mask. Then I did a small amount of Extreme Recovery Cream combined with one pump of Face Oil No. 9 to finish up. You could also do the Intense Hydrating Mask and sleep in it, and you’ll love how soft and refreshed your skin will be in the morning. 

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What are your go-to home spa essentials?  Let me know in a comment below!


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