6 Things I Want To Keep Doing After Quarantine

Without a doubt, this time at home has been challenging. I’m incredibly thankful that our family has been healthy, both Clint and I are still working and our kids’ teachers have been providing lots of work and support for us. 

There absolutely have been things during this time I never want to have to go through again, but there have been good things too. I’m choosing to focus on the good and make my priority to keep the good going as things open back up eventually and we all try our best to live in a “new normal,” whatever that means and whatever that becomes for us all. I wanted to share a few positive things, good quarantine habits to keep, if you will,  that have come out of this time at home and they’re things I hope to continue doing long after this time ends.

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Good Quarantine Habits to Keep

Family Dinners

We’ve always tried to be good about sitting down for dinner as a family but, of course, sometimes activities and general life craziness gets in the way. I’ve really loved these nights at home where we have no excuse but to sit down and have dinner together. We’ve ended up at the table talking or singing along with Alexa long after eating is done and it has been really nice! It’s also been nice to find new recipes that we can all (or at least all of us except Dylan who only eats ketchup and cheese) try and enjoy together.

Small Reasons to Celebrate

In an attempt to consistently find new things to do, I’ve taken to celebrate all the random holidays and days that come up on the calendar. We did a big May the Fourth Party for Star Wars Day, got a PiƱata for Cinco de Mayo (do this for any day, the kids loved it!) and have been regularly planning movie nights and themed things to do with the boys. I started doing this to just keep the kids busy, but it has given Clint and I both something to look forward to and plan. Plus we’re really enjoying creating these memories with the kids. I hope, in the future, to take the time to continue to do this more often! 

Making the Most of Groceries

I thought we were good about this before, but we’ve been more conscious about how we use our food during this time. For example, in the past, if I needed half an onion for something, I’d often just throw away the other half. Now, we’re thinking about it more and saving “the other half” for the next day, or making sure we are good about eating leftovers  and not letting things go to waste. We also did a major freezer stock-up with meat and fish, and that has helped us plan meals and probably even be healthier. 

Shopping Small & Shopping Local

As an owner of a small business, I focus quite a bit on shopping small and supporting other small businesses but I’ve tried to be more conscious of it during this time. We’ve also tried to do  our best to support small local restaurants by ordering take out once a week and plan to shop  our local garden centers for our yard once the weather warms up. For me, this is about giving a second thought to where you are buying things. Maybe you give up free shipping or fast shipping to shop somewhere that is a small business and  will appreciate the support. Or make a bit of a drive instead of ordering on Amazon. 

Managing My Work Schedule

I’ve had a problem of not being able to “shut off” work. I live/work/workout/do everything else from home, so it often feels like I can’t disconnect. Over the last few weeks, I haven’t had a choice but to make time for schooling  and more family things. I have started to turn on an out-of-office reply after (and before) work hours. I also turn my phone on Do Not Disturb at 5:00 PM till 7:00 AM, only allowing certain contacts like family, to get through. I also turn on Do Not Disturb during workouts so that I can focus on taking that time for myself. This has been really helpful for me and I plan on continuing to do this in the future!

Focus on Wellness

I’ve always enjoyed working out but have been really focused on being fit and well during this time. I’ve made sure to take my vitamins, do regular B12 injections and have been doing my very best to get good sleep! Yes, the motivation for this has been trying our best to avoid getting sick. My hope is that these really just become good habits for the future and our health remains a priority and we keep this strong focus on being healthy overall.

What do you think are some good quarantine habits to keep?  Let me know in a comment below!


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