Quarantine Wellness: Top 10 At Home Workout Essentials

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I was pretty used to my at home workout routine before all of this started, but I’ve attempted to  really kick it in to high gear lately. We’ve had the Peloton for about 3 years now and,  over the last few months have added new at home workout essentials to our “home gym” to make it easier to squeeze in workouts here at home. It has been really beneficial to us lately, but I know we’ll continue to make use of everything even when this is over because sometimes it’s just easier to head downstairs rather than out to the gym! 

Our At Home Workout Essentials

at home workout essentials | Home Workout Essentials by popular Michigan lifestyle blog, The HSS Feed: collage image of Bala Bangles + Weights, Blender Bottle, Water Bottle, Pure trampoline, ballet bar, Yoga Mat x 2, Yoga Blocks, sneakers and a foam roller.

Bala Bangles + Weights // Weights have been super hard to find since this extended time at home started. We had a weight tower that we got from my parents when they moved and that does the job for me. Clint ordered a weight bar and some plates to add to his workouts, so that has been working well for him. Target seems to have some weights in stock for in-store pickup, so that’s worth a look, if you’re still searching! I’ve seen a lot of people use these Bala Bangles for ankles and wrists in dance cardio workouts and they’re pretty slick so I may be adding those to my collection too. 

Blender Bottle // I wish I could say that I make these amazing protein shakes and smoothies after my workouts but I totally don’t. Maybe one day! I really just mix water and chocolate protein powder in my Blender Bottle and that does the job for me! Clint and I both use these and they are the best for after-workout protein. They do a good job of mixing without lumps and everything is dishwasher-safe – simple but  perfect! 

Water Bottle // We keep things really simple when it comes to water bottles around here too. Clint and I each have a sport bottle that sits well and doesn’t spill when it’s on the Peloton or just on the bench for strength workouts. I also take this with me when I go (or used to go!) to classes at studios or the gym.

Yoga Mat x 2 // Because I workout on a hard cement basement floor, I layer my yoga mats. I have a thicker, padded mat that I put on the bottom and then I top it with a regular sticky mat from lululemon that I swear I’ve had for like 12 years. Mats can be a little expensive, but I know I want something that’s comfortable and that will last. And considering how long I’ve had these and how much use they get, I’d recommend getting something high-quality!

Trampoline // When I bought this, my husband was like “when are you ever going to use that?” Well, I gave it a shot but now I use it at least once a week to stream a Define Bounce workout class. I don’t use the handrail for mine, but it’s a nice option if you want to have it for balance. I’ve really found that these workouts are low stress on my feet and knees and are SO much fun. 

Yoga Blocks // I started doing yoga 1-2x a week after I hurt my back over the holidays and I really enjoy my  yoga days. It helps me slow down, focus and relax!  I’m still a fairly beginner-level yogi (but will do some intermediate classes when I’m feeling up for a challenge!), so I use my blocks a lot and I really like these because they’re soft and really nice and sturdy. I also use them to prop up my iPad when I’m live streaming workout classes in our playroom!

Ballet Barre // I bought a ballet barre a few months back to do Xtend Barre workouts and I now use it for those and my Define Body workouts. It’s very sturdy and well-made, plus it looks and feels really nice when you use it. Now, I will also admit to having used it a bit for laundry over the last few weeks but I promise it has gotten more workout use than anything! 

Sticky Socks // I keep a pair of sticky socks in our workout area, in my bag and in my car so I have kind of a bunch of them. I like these open toe pair for yoga (sometimes I want to wear socks in yoga), and I love the Bombas version for barre classes and just walking around the house. I wear the Bombas ankle socks every day and love them, as well.

Sneakers // I’ve been obsessed with new sneakers for probably the last year and have ended up  with quite a collection! I used to just have one pair and wear them till they had holes in them but now I’m into it for the style AND function. I love these Nike SuperReps for HIIT classes (and they’re my current favorite!), these  Nike Air Zoom Pegasus for running, this pair of Nike 270 Air Max for cross training and my APL sneakers for walks and around the house.  

Foam Roller // I have a love/hate relationship with my foam roller. I hate actually foam rolling but I love how I feel afterward and how the whole process helps my muscles recover from workouts. I do a lot of hamstring and quad foam rolling but it’s also amazing on your back and  shoulders.  

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What are your home workout essentials?  Let me know in a comment below!


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