At Home Activities for Kids

At Home Activities for Kids by popular Michigan lifestyle blog, The HSS Feed: image of two boys sitting on a couch and wearing matching Yoda pajamas. At Home Activities for Kids by popular Michigan lifestyle blog, The HSS Feed: image of two boys playing with Legos. At Home Activities for Kids by popular Michigan lifestyle blog, The HSS Feed: image of a boy watching Facebook live.

Well friends, here we are. We’re looking ahead at least another 3 weeks at home with two kids and a lot of time to fill. As soon as we heard that schools were going to be closed, Clint and I worked up a grocery list, filled our pantry and freezer and then turned to pulling together a list of at home activities for kids  to keep the boys busy, educated and entertained during what we’re telling them is “super spring break.” 

While Jackson’s school is closed, I’m so grateful to his wonderful teacher for sending home some great chapter books and several packets of math, STEM articles and activities. Our school is also amazing and is reading a book on Facebook Live every day for our kids. Dylan also has his monthly homework packet, which he loves to do and we bought some additional material to supplement! 

I’m started off by making a schedule for the boys but after the first week of this, I realized that  wasn’t going to work. So now, every night, Jackson and I sit down and pick 3 things to do in the morning and  3 things to do in the afternoon. We say that we have to do an activity for school, one to be active and one for fun. This has helped us keep the at home activities for kids a little less stressful and more fun for all of us!

At Home Activities for Kids

Online Resources

Scholastic // They are doing a free 20 day program of activities for kids K-12. I’m using this as a morning activity for the boys that is fun and educational. They do Scholastic at school anyway, so this was one I was really happy to know about

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunts // Someone in one of my Facebook moms groups posted this   free printable set and we did the neighborhood one. I hope as it warms up that we can do the nature one too. I wouldn’t mind repeating them, as seasons change! I also bought this Scavenger Hunt kit which it says is indoor and outdoor, so we’ll do that too.

Cincinnati Zoo FB Live // They’re doing this every day at 3 PM and featuring different animals! I  followed their page so I get the notifications and we can check it out every day we can.

Math Activities // For Jackson (2nd grade), we are doing Khan Academy, Xtra Math and Prodigy. These are all recommended by school, so we’re going to rotate these. For Dylan (preschool), I’m going to work with him on ABC Mouse (which has a free 30 day trial!).

Indoor “Recess” // For little movement breaks inside we are planning to do CosmicKids Yoga (which I’ll do with the boys) and also “dance parties.” For dance parties, Jackson finds Just Dance videos on YouTube and the boys dance around the playroom. They did one on Saturday that was supposed to be 10 minutes and lasted more than an hour! 

More Things To Do

At Home Activities for Kids by popular Michigan lifestyle blog, The HSS Feed: image of Magnetic pattern blocks, ring toss, sequence for kids, Highlights hidden pictures Easter Tales, Chutes and Ladders, and The Good Egg book.

Books // From school, Jackson brought home a book from the Press Start series and a few from Kung Pow Chicken – he loves them! We love the DogMan series for him and he’s also been reading the Harry Potter books – about to start Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Dylan is super into The Good Egg, The Cool Bean and The Bad Seed lately – they’re super cute books. 

Games // We’re going to try and get back to doing family game night every night. The boys love Trouble, SuperHero Chutes and Ladders, Sequence for Kids and Life Junior, but we also just bought Connect 4, Operation and Charades for Kids to add to our collection! The kids have also been into laying out pillows in the living room and jumping on them while yelling that “the  floor is lava!” I remember playing this with my sister when we were little too. But now there’s actually a game called The Floor Is Lava and I know they’re going to love it. Oh, and if you want some entertainment for the whole family, get Don’t Step In It. Our friends sent it to us and we actually played it with my in laws a few weeks ago – it was hilarious!

Math and Science // Jackson got Snap Circuits for his birthday last year and the set comes with lots of  experiments, which keep him busy for quite a while. Clint recently found a few fun science-related activities and we are starting with this Discovery Science set which has things like growing crystals, making slime and fizzy eruptions. Historically I haven’t been good at science, so hopefully it’s as easy as it looks!

For Dylan I picked up this Magnetic Pattern Block set to work with.  We love these Kumon books for him, as well and I also got a set for him on cutting and tape activities. I grabbed this Brain Quest workbook for Jackson and this 180 Days of Math workbook so he can do at least one activity there every day.

Other Random Things // I also picked up a few random things that didn’t all fit into one category: 

  • Carnival Game Set // This little set can be used both inside and outside and we’ll try to set up some little obstacle courses, or even just a ring toss with the cones!
  • Highlights Easter Tales Books // Clint and I loved Highlights Books growing up and I thought these Easter-themed books would be fun for the boys!
  • Crafts // In my crazy errands last Friday, I ran to Michaels for a few activities and I picked up this Easter wreath kit, an Easter banner kit and flower growing kits.

I’m going to do my best to post here and on Instagram about things we find that work for us, recommendations for activities, recipes and more that might be helpful! I know this is going to  be challenging but I’m doing my very best to stay positive and make this a happy, not scary, time for the boys. I want them to remember “that time we were stuck at home and played together every day and had so much fun.” This too shall pass, but we’re going to do our best to make a tough time the best it can be. 

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What are some of your favorite at home activities for kids?  Let me know in a comment below!


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