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Favorite Target Boys Activewear featured by top US life and style blog, The HSS Feed.

The boys are definitely at a “growing out of everything” stage these days. So, between that and the arrival of the cold weather this week, I had to do a little closet clean out/restock for both of them. I tend to stay pretty well on top of school clothes and pajamas but when Jackson came downstairs the other day in what can only be described as kid capri sweatpants, I realized we needed a serious update in our boys activewear or “comfies” as we call them. I had to laugh a little bit because I have what seems like a ridiculous amount of activewear, but clearly I’ve been slacking on that front for the boys.

Our Target Boys Activewear Order

Favorite Target Boys Activewear featured by top US life and style blog, The HSS Feed.

When Clint and I were at Target a couple of weeks ago, buying completely unrelated things, we saw the C9 Champion display for boys and were super impressed at the quality and styles of the brand. So that’s what I went back to for Jackson, when I placed this order last weekend. Part of it has already arrived and I know he’s really going to love being able to mix and match these 3 outfits on the weekends!

I’ve also always loved the Cat & Jack line for the boys. The clothes wear and wash up well, and the price point is SO good! I grabbed these cute monster pants and fleece top, as well as these fleece pants and baseball top for Dylan. He really loves the monster pants so far, and as soon as I can convince him to wear something other than a Spider-Man shirt, he’ll probably give the other ones a try!

What about you? Have you all shopped either of these brands at Target? Where do you love to shop for your boys activewear? Let me know in a comment below!

Shop Target Boys Activewear: 

Row 1: Thumb Hole Tee // Quarter Zip Top // Pieced Longsleeve Top

Row 2: Lightweight Pants // Sweatpants // Fleece Pants

Row 3: Fleece Tee // Monster Pants // Fleece Baseball Sweatshirt // Fleece Pants


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