How to Get Organized for Christmas: 5 Essential Tips to Stay Sane Throughout the Holidays

How to Get Organized for Christmas, tips featured by top US life and style blog, The HSS Feed. How to Get Organized for Christmas, tips featured by top US life and style blog, The HSS Feed. How to Get Organized for Christmas, tips featured by top US life and style blog, The HSS Feed.

The holiday season REALLY kicks off tomorrow, can you believe it? I mean, I know we’ve all sort of been prepping for Christmas since Halloween but now the season is really here. We’ll be spending the weekend 

My goal is to have a relaxed and enjoyable holiday, but also to have an organized Christmas season with minimal stress. So I’m sharing 5 tips for staying sane and organized amid the craziness so you can enjoy  the holidays more and worry less! 

5 Tips for an Organized Christmas With Less Stress!

Plan & List 

I’m a list person, a big one. And at this time of year, it seems to serve me well! I use Asana for all of my work tasks, and I’ve also found that it works well for my personal tasks. I’ve created separate to-do lists for the blog, things to do around the house, errands to run and even Christmas “to get” lists for the boys. I love using it because it keeps everything in one place and because there is an app where you can check off your tasks and get that “crossed of the list” fix. 

So whether you’re a digital list or written list person, make your lists and (like Santa) check them at least twice. Knowing what you need to get done, even if it’s a lot, will help keep you on track and help you plan out your days and weeks to make sure it all gets done! 

Keep Up With Your Calendar 

On that same note, it’s really important to keep up with your calendar during this busy time. I think we added 10 new things to our calendar over the last week and it quickly got a little intimidating. From school Christmas programs to parties and hair appointments it’s ALL on the calendar so that we can see when it’s just  too much or when we can say yes to one more thing.

I check in with our calendar daily on my phone, and we also update our wall calendar (we have this setup) in our breakfast room. The bigger calendar is nice to have for the boys so they know when we’re doing certain things – although things we want to keep from them (like when we’re going to Santa brunch), don’t make that calendar!  

Clean Out As You Set Up 

At this time of year, I know I become increasingly aware of how much “stuff” we have. I’ve tried to make it a habit this year that, at each holiday, I donate or throw away (depending on the condition) decor that we didn’t use last year and aren’t using this year. I’m one of those “keep it just in case” people, but I’m trying to break that habit and clean things out so that we end up putting less away at the end of the holiday season and are just keeping things that are truly “us” and that we will really use. 

I also did this when I brought my winter clothing up from storage. Things that had been unworn for more than a year got donated. Plus, it’s a great time of year to make donations to organizations that could use clothing, decor and other items in good condition as the need is always high around this time.

Make Your Bed & Eat A Healthy Breakfast 

The holiday season is stressful, but these are two things you can do to start each day on the right foot. These are my two go-tos that help me feel as if I’ve accomplished something before the day even starts.  

The first thing I do every morning is take a lap around our second floor to make all the beds and pick up a bit so that the bedrooms feel nice and clean. Not only is this nice in the morning, but I hate getting into an unmade bed at night, so I feel like I sleep better when I have to “unmake” my bed right beforehand. This could totally be a mental thing, but it works!

Healthy breakfasts are important all year round but especially at a time where it feels like there is a lot of indulgence happening! I shared a few of my favorite healthy and easy breakfasts here on the blog recently, but I’ve also been loving this casserole – it is amazing when reheated all week!

Take a Break 

Even though some days it doesn’t feel like it, there is always time to take a few  quiet minutes for yourself. For me, this can be a few minutes to grab a coffee and scroll Instagram, a 5-10 minute meditation on Peloton Digital, heading out for a walk if the weather permits or hopping on my Peloton bike for a full workout (which is always my preference but there’s not always time!).

Whatever it is for you, make sure you take the time to relax and enjoy!

What about you? What are you doing this holiday season to stay organized and stress less? Let me know in a comment below!

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