Healthy Breakfast Recipes I’m Loving Lately

healthy breakfast recipe

I’ve talked about this a little bit here and a little bit on Instagram, but in the month of September, I did the Tighter Together challenge. The challenge was a combination of counting macros and nutrition with a resistance training-based workout routine. The workouts were amazing and I, no doubt, saw results. But the more interesting thing was how you fueled your body for those workouts and counted macros, increased protein and planned both high and low carb days. 

Now that the challenge is technically over, I’ve moved on to doing the Weekly Moves Workouts for my strength training (Monday was leg day, and OUCH!), and my Peloton rides, and I’m counting my macros a little differently now. 

That being said, I really learned a lot about different ways to eat and things that I could be healthier about, and one of those things was breakfast. There are 2 things I know about myself and breakfast: 

  1. I need to eat breakfast and I need it right when I get up. No intermittent fasting for me, this girl needs food.
  2. I am not willing to give up my morning orange juice. It’s non-negotiable.

The great thing I learned when counting macros was that I could do both and create breakfasts that worked well for me to start my day on the right foot.

Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Low Carb

healthy breakfast recipe low carb

This has, more often than not, been my go-to breakfast and will probably continue to be. I’m a creature of habit so if I make this 4 days a week, I’m totally fine with it. I was inspired by Lillie Eats and Tells for this wrap and if you’re considering a macro-based eating plan, you have got to follow her!


  • 1 Joseph’s Lavash Wrap
  • Egg whites (I do 150 grams – about 9 tbsp)
  • 1 Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Patty
  • A handful of Arugula
  • Half of a roma tomato
  • One cheddar Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedge (if you’re not counting or you are and have room for more fats, avocado here is great!)
  • Salt, pepper, red pepper flakes


  • Prepare your ingredients: Chop your sausage into pieces, measure your egg whites and dice your tomato
  • Spray a pan with cooking spray and cook the sausage and egg whites together, like you would an omelet (flipping half way through to cook up both sides)
  • In the meantime, microwave your wrap for about 15-20 seconds; they’re a little crumbly and I find that this helps
  • Once your egg is cooked, turn off the heat (let it sit for a minute) and assemble
  • Spread the cheese down the middle width-wise, top with egg/sausage “omelet,” arugula and tomato. Add pepper, salt (I like the pink Himalayan salt here) and red pepper flakes.
  • Roll each side in and tuck up the bottom of the wrap to make yourself a little open-top burrito

Healthy Breakfast Recipe: High Carb

high carb healthy breakfast recipe

This was one of the first few things that we came up with when we got our Instant Pot and now we make these cinnamon steel cut oats weekly as part of our meal prep. We portion them out in these little containers and just add toppings. 


  • 2 cups steel cut oats
  • 6 cups of water
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 scoop of protein powder (we use this one in this recipe)
  • Toppings of choice. I like a splash of almond milk, strawberries, a little drizzle of honey (or PB2 mixed with water) and almonds or a little granola (usually Purely Elizabeth).


  • Combine oats, water and cinnamon sticks in the Instant Pot
  • For settings, we do 10 minutes on “Multigrain” (which is high pressure); then allow to naturally release for 10 minutes before you manually release
  • Once you take the top off of the instant pot, stir in your protein powder (don’t cook it with in there, it makes the texture funky)
  • Divide into 6 portions and allow to cool before refrigerating or serve immediately. I’d still let it sit for a little bit before serving just for texture purposes

What are your favorite healthy breakfast recipes? 


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