Why You Need A Scalp Scrub

I visit the hair salon fairly often (like 2 days ago! Damn persistent gray hair!), so I’m always on the lookout for new products. On one of my visits earlier in the summer, I was really wanting to buy something and my amazing stylist recommended this Davines Solu Sea Salt Scalp Scrub as a new addition to my routine.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and while I make a pretty good habit of exfoliating the skin on my face and body, but I had never done a scalp scrub before. So I was pretty excited to try it! I workout 5-6 days a week, and would notice an increased build up when I wouldn’t wash my hair as much as I probably should have.

Pair that with the summer sun and a scalp scrub was just what the doctor ordered! I use this Davines Solu Sea Salt Scrub and I actually noticed a difference in my hair after one use. The first time I used it, when I dried and styled my hair, it felt lighter, softer and it even styled better!  I think it will also be great as we get into winter and more dry air sinks in and my skin gets dry, as usual. 

What does a Scalp Scrub Do?

Just like when you exfoliate your skin, when you exfoliate your scalp, you remove dead skin cells, encourage cellular turnover and keep healthy skin on your scalp. Giving your scalp a good clean out will not only help that skin be healthier, but it will also help with the overall health of your hair

It also helps regulate oil production on your scalp, so maybe you’ll have to wash less frequently and your good hair days may last longer! 

How Frequently Should You Scrub? 

Just like you have an exfoliating routine with your skin, you should have one for your scalp. There are a few factors to take in to consideration here including your hair type, current routine (including how much you wash your hair, workout, etc.) and the season. 

Doing a weekly scalp scrub is probably a safe bet for most people. I do mine maybe every 7-10 days, depending on how many hair washes I have during that time. I try to make it about every 3rd wash, but will do an extra one if I feel like I really need it. If you’re someone who uses a lot of styling product or dry shampoo, this is a great habit to get into.

Also just like exfoliating your skin, you can overdo it with a scalp scrub. Scrubbing too hard or too frequently can dry out and damage your hair and scalp, so take it easy!

More Benefits!

The Davines Solu Sea Salt Scrub that I use is super gentle and my hair stylist even said it might be a great one to use on the boys when they get home from the beach or after a week with a lot of pool time to keep the skin on their little heads healthy. They actually didn’t mind it at all. 

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