Colleen Rothschild Birthday Sale!

Happy Birthday to Colleen Rothschild! For the last couple of years of blogging, I’ve been lucky enough to get to know this amazing brand and am excited to be partnering with them today to share some of my favorite products and also share how you can get them with a promo to celebrate the Colleen Rothschild birthday sale!

I’ve talked about Colleen Rothschild Beauty before (this is one of my most popular posts on the brand!) , but I sort of wanted to reiterate why I like this line so much. Every product I’ve tried has been very effective, but they also all have a really luxurious feel. I also feel like the product line is really flexible in that you can create a quick and easy morning routine with just a few products, put together an at-home facial or even grab a discovery kit to take with you when you travel (which I highly recommend!). 

5 Products Worth Celebrating

Since we’re celebrating, I want to share 5 of my favorite Colleen Rothschild products that I use almost daily and love best!

Radiant Cleansing Balm // It’s a cult classic, okay? Everyone who blogs this brand loves this product and honestly, don’t be skeptical, it’s 100% worth the hype. I use this every day as my nighttime cleanser (and sometimes during the day when my skin feels maybe more dry). It removes makeup like a champ and your skin feels insanely soft and smooth after using it. It also lasts for such a long time! Seriously, I maybe need 2 a year, because a little goes a long way. But you could also get the jumbo sized version if you’re ever concerned you might run out.

Retinol Supreme Eye Serum // All of my medical spa clients and estheticians preach about retinol and it’s importance in your daily routine. It targets fine lines and wrinkles, helps with even skin tone and gives your skin an overall healthy and youthful appearance. This product is specially designed to target your eye area, so it’s non-drying (as some retinol products may be), non-irritating and it really revitalizes your skin. It almost feels hydrating and softening when you use it, and it’s really like no other eye product I’ve tried before. I use this one every single night and I swear with consistent use you’ll see a difference. I have a pretty solid amount of Botox around my eyes, but I really love using this to really work on the health and appearance of my skin, even when I’m not constricting those muscles as much!

Quench & Shine Restorative Hair Mask // This one isn’t pictured in the photos but if you haven’t tried Colleen’s hair products, what are you waiting for? This is THE BEST hair mask I’ve honestly ever used. Because I wash my hair maybe 1-2x a week, I use it every time I wash. If your hair is more fine or you wash more frequently, I’d say do it once a week or if you need a little hydration at your ends, just do that. This mask smooths my hair, makes it dry easier and style better. I noticed a difference the first time I used it and I’m completely hooked! 

Matcha Tea Treatment Toner // I love a good toner step in a skincare routine. I know, it’s yet another step, but I think it’s a worthwhile one. This toner is another product that I use every day, usually in the mornings or after a workout because I find that it’s really refreshing for my skin. It detoxifies, helps fight bacteria that causes breakouts and it helps soothe redness or irritation. I cleanse and then I use this on a cotton pad on my face and on my neck. I try to especially focus on the areas on the sides of my nose and on my chin to clarify and tone those pores.

Intense Hydrating Mask // This is another one that everyone raves about and again friends, it’s worth the freaking hype. Especially as we get into fall and winter, you’ll reach for this one over and over again. I do face masks 2 nights a week and this is almost always one of those nights – it’s a rare week when I don’t need it! You apply it and then you can either leave on for 15 minutes and tissue off or sleep in it. I always choose the latter, because I love for my skin to soak it up! 

You know what else I love about this one? It’s the best for traveling! The packaging is sleek so it fits well into your travel makeup bags, but it also really comes in handy after flights when your skin is a little dry. 

Colleen Rothschild Birthday Sale Details

Now you know what I love, so how about you shop it on sale, right? To celebrate Colleen’s birthday, they’re giving you $50 off of orders of $150 or more with the code HBD50. The Colleen Rothschild Birthday Sale is the perfect time to make some skincare swaps for fall, pick up a couple of new things to try or restock your favorites. 

If you have ANY product questions, please let me know! 

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Thank you to Colleen Rothschild for sponsoring this post. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love and that make the HSS feed possible!


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