My Favorite Gold Earrings for Summer

gold earrings for summer

For a while I’ve been a statement earring girl! I love a good necklace from time to time, but for me, it’s usually easiest to grab a good pair of earrings.

I’ve always thought of gold as being a “dressier” metal and, in fact, hardly used to wear it at all! Maybe it’s the summer sun or trying to dress up otherwise super casual summer outfits, but gold earrings have been my go-to accessory this summer, and the more delicate, the better! I even discovered I can still wear earrings in my second and third piercings (forgot I had that last one!), which has inspired me a bit to create a few gold earring stacks.

Top Tips for Stacks with Gold Earrings

My first tip on this one is to mix up sizes and styles. You’ll see that in the photo above, I’ve got one geometric stud earring and one little huggie-style earring. You could double up the studs or hoops if you want, but it’s fun to create several different looks by mixing that up. Another way to do this is to play with sizing. Try wearing a larger hoop on the bottom with a smaller one on top.

Another idea is to add a bit of color. I’ve found myself loving a little neon lately (and for this neutral-wearing girl, I’m not sure where that came from!). If you want to be a little more neutral, try mixing metals with some rose gold

Play with textures! You can see this a bit in my combination above, as well. The geometric stud is smooth and the huggie has a bit of a lacy texture to it, which is fun and feminine – and also makes it a bit more interesting! You could also try adding a pearl or diamond (real or fake!) to the mix to dress things up a bit. I really like these little ear cuffs or a climber to add some texture and a different style to the stack!

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Gold Earrings for Summer

  1. Sarah K

    That little diamond stud is super cute! I love the idea of layering earrings like you’d layer necklaces or bracelets – and so much less effort!

  2. John

    I am impressed with your post! I think the geometry stud earring looks truly stunning and would love to get one for my girl 🙂


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