Our Best Buy of the Summer

I know we, as bloggers, tend to overdo it a bit when it comes to saying how great something is. You know the “I’M OBSESSED! THIS IS EVERYTHING!” type comments you see all over the place, right? I try my best to keep the obsessions to a minimum, so when I tell you that this is the best thing we’ve purchased this summer, I really hope you believe me!

So what am I calling our “best buy of the summer” this year? The FitBit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids

Before any question comes up, in no way is this sponsored! Clint actually found out about the FitBit Ace 2 online and pre-ordered in back in May when he was looking for something else and thought it would be a great thing for Jackson to have over the summer. Jackson has had 3 weeks of various nature camps filled with hiking and adventuring, plus swim lessons, golf lessons and learning to ride on two wheels. It has been an exciting summer for him and he’s been using his FitBit to track it all! So this has become, by far, our family’s most used, loved and most interesting buy this summer season.

What is the FitBit Ace 2 & What Does It Do?

The FitBit Ace 2 is an activity tracker designed for kids. It tracks activity, sleep, and steps. If your child has a smartphone, they can also get call alerts on it, but Jackson doesn’t have one and won’t for a while, so it’s strictly an activity tracker for us. 

You can set goals for your kids for steps per day, active minutes (exercise) and sleep. We set Jackson’s at 10,000 steps per day, 60 active minutes (which is the default setting, as the CDC recommends that kids get a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise per day), and 9 hours of sleep.

Jackson is very much a goals-oriented child who loves numbers, so the FitBit was right up his alley. He makes it a point to get 10,000 steps per day (at Nature Day Camp he gets closer to 20,000!), focuses on exercise minutes and, with all of his activities, 9 hours of sleep is coming pretty easily to him!

How Do You Track It?

The activity tracker pairs with an app I have on my phone. You’re supposed to pair it with a device that your child uses, but when I set it up, I had my phone so that’s what I used.

He gets little alerts when he passes goals, like his steps goal throughout the day, but every morning I check the app and sync/refresh it with the tracker so that it updates his sleep. You do have to be within range of the FitBit to track it, so I can’t necessarily see his steps and active minutes throughout the day. But, for example, when I pick him up from camp, it’s the first thing we check in on together. 

It’s also become a bit of a family competition! Clint and I both wear an Apple Watch so every night before bed, Jackson checks in with us to see who “won” on steps and exercise minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it waterproof? Yes! Jackson wears his to swim lessons and trips to the pool. He likes that it can track his active minutes while swimming! I also never worry about it on rainy days at camp or while the boys are playing out in the sprinkler in the yard. It’s very durable, as well, and has held up without a scratch with all of the activity Jackson has put it through this summer.

How long does the battery last? We charge the battery every couple of days or when it gets around 50% or so. They say the battery will last about 5 days, but Jackson gets a little worried when it drops below 50% so we just try to keep it charged as much as we can. 

Will you let him wear it to school? As of right now, I’m saying yes. There aren’t any games on the FitBit Ace 2, and honestly, there’s not enough to really distract him throughout the day – which I like. If we find that he is getting distracted by it at school, we’ll readdress this, but I don’t think it will be a problem at all. 

Is it safe? As best as we can tell, yes it is. There is no shared personal information on the watch itself. You can add friends and things to it, but that’s not an activity that we’re using at this point. As a parent, you have a different dashboard to see all of your child’s friends, alerts and activities, so I feel very comfortable with it. It also does not have a GPS tracker so if something random happened where someone got my phone or something, they couldn’t track where he is  using the app.

If you have other questions, please leave me a comment or DM me on Instagram! I’m happy to share more with you.

We absolutely LOVE this product. It has been so much fun for Jackson and honestly fun for us to see how busy and active he has been this summer. We have never had a problem with him being inactive but I think having something like this to encourage him to be even more active than he was already is kind of fun! 

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