2 Products that Help Your Makeup Wear Better

For the better part of this summer, I’ve been keeping my makeup pretty light or non-existent. It’s been sort of that “mom at the pool” look that, at this point, I’ve started to get a little bored with. So that means I’ve started to get back into my make up drawer, added a few things and started to work on a bit more of a lightly polished look that still works for watching swim lessons and chauffeuring back and forth, but also makes me feel a little happier and more confident. 

Make up in the summer is a bit of a challenge with all the heat, sweat and non-stop activity so from the bottom layer to the top, I’m trying to pick things that will help keep my makeup in place without feeling like I’m wearing a TON. Next week I’ll talk a little more about the top layers, but today I figured we’d start at the beginning (“a very good place to start” right? Sound of Music reference of those of you why didn’t catch that. I’m a nerd, it’s okay.)

A couple of months ago, at the most, TULA came out with this Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer that quickly became all the rage among bloggers. I bought it through Katey McFarlan’s blog when she previewed it before it was released because I expected it to sell out (and have a waiting list like the second product I’m going to talk about did for a bit!). 

I used to be very skeptical of a primer. Why in the world would I need a layer between moisturizer and my foundation or tinted moisturizer? Wouldn’t that just add more weight and not be good for my skin? Turns out, I was wrong about that. I used to use a primer from Urban Decay, but never restocked and they don’t make it now, so I took that step out of my routine. When I was using that primer, I definitely noticed a difference as to how my makeup went on and how well it stayed.

When this one from TULA was released, I was even more excited to try it because it has ingredients that are like those you would find in skincare to approve the appearance of your skin. It has turmeric to reduce inflammation, a probiotic strain to lock in moisture and chia seeds to increase your skin’s luminosity.  

You apply the Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer after your skincare, but before your makeup. So you’d put on your moisturizer, sunscreen, the primer and then your makeup. I find that it really does a great job of evening out your skin tone. It’s kind of cool but it comes out of the tube white in color but then, as you warm it in your hands to apply, it changes to match your skin tone – so it’ll work for anyone!

I’ve noticed that, when I wear it, that my makeup really does seem to wear a bit smoother and last longer. I wore it at our 4th of July party, outdoors in the heat, and my makeup stayed put perfectly all night long! 

I’ll also honestly wear this just over my skincare and sunscreen just to have a tiny bit of coverage. It’s not necessarily intended to be worn like this, but it works for me and I especially like this for mornings where I wash my face and running to do camp drop-off (soon to be school drop-off) or something and plan to put makeup on when I get home.

The second product that I’m happy to recommend, and have been using for months, is the TULA Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm. I use this almost every single day and have absolutely loved it! It really works to hydrate, cool and refresh your under-eye area. It has this sort of luminosity to it that’s really subtle but gives you a glow.

The product has caffeine in it to tighten and firm the look of lines and wrinkles, and I really like how my concealer and face makeup wears over this product.

The way I apply this in my routine goes:

  • Skincare, through sunscreen
  • Primer
  • Eye makeup
  • Eye balm
  • Brows
  • Face makeup

If I’m not applying eye makeup on any given day, I do it right after primer and then do my browns or something to let it sort of cool and de-puff my under-eye area. I’ve also seen people reapply throughout the day to add some more of that glow and luminosity to the under-eye area.

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