Tiny Ice Cream Treats for Summer

If we’re being honest, I meant to share this post a little closer to the 4th of July but things got a little crazy so here we are, a couple weeks later. But there’s a heatwave heading into town, and it’s good thing that it is truly never too late to find a new ice cream treat recipe! 

The boys are absolutely ice cream crazy now that we’re in the hottest part of the summer here in Michigan. They get a “sweet” every night before bed and we’ve spent most of our recent nights outside on the patio with popsicles or these super cute, easy-to-make and surprisingly not messy ice cream sandwiches.

W & P Design sent me this speckled ice tray along with their Ice Tray Treats cookbook and this was our first experiment with the recipes, when we got it. When I read the book, I was actually really surprised at how many things you could make, like little panna cotta desserts, chocolates, cheesecakes and, of course, a variety of ice cream sandwiches. 

Since Jackson has been home this summer, he’s been my kitchen helper and, with recipes like this, he’s really able to participate. It’s as simple as crushed graham crackers or Oreos (combined with some melted butter) and your favorite ice cream (softened a bit). I’ve tried these a couple of times and either freezing them overnight or making them in the morning and unmolding them mid-afternoon or early evening is best. They definitely need a good amount of time to freeze solid. 

For the 4th of July, I decorated these with some sprinkles, but you could also do nonpareils, mini chocolate chips or even cacao nibs, depending on what flavors you like and who you’re making them for. In our case, the kids need sprinkles (and don’t get me started on how many of the sprinkles Jackson ate out of this bowl while we were making these). 

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