My Most Recent Amazon Buys + Prime Day Sale

I swear, everything we buy on Amazon is so random, but yet they still seem to have everything you’re looking for. As a little example, on Sunday, Dylan decided that he absolutely needed a Spider-Man phone. We have no idea where he came up with this, but it was clearly crucial to his life and happiness that he get a Spider-Man phone. Thankfully, Amazon had like 3 options and Dylan will have his $9 Spider-Man phone by tomorrow. He’ll probably be over it by then, because 3-year-old requests and “needs” are so fleeting, but hey, thanks for coming through on that one Amazon. 

I got a pretty good response the last time I shared my recent Amazon buys, so I figured I would do that again and also share some of the Prime Day deals that we plan on shopping. 

My 10 Most Recent Amazon Purchases

Dresses // To be fair, I haven’t received either of these dresses yet, but they should be here by the end of the week. The blue one is the same brand that made my go to “throw on and look put together” spring dress, so I’m hoping it’s a good fit. I was feeling in a bit of a style rut and was getting tired of wearing workout clothes every really just wanted a couple of easy-to-wear things to look more stylish at swim lessons and running around for the rest of the summer – and the pink dress seems so light and airy. Plus, I figure I’ll take these with me to DC at the end of the summer and they’ll be good for walking around.

Little Spider Man // Dylan LOVES Spider-Man. He loves Spider-Man so much that he stole a LEGO figure from a set and takes it to school in his pocket every day and refers to him as “baby Spider-Man.” Well, Baby Spider-Man has managed to get lost around the house a couple of times, so it’s just a matter of time before that happens at school. Now, we have two back-up Baby Spider-Man toys and he’ll never know the difference!

Rain Gear // Jackson has 3 sessions of Nature Day Camp this summer, so rain gear was necessary. He used this poncho and it worked out perfectly – and was actually quite easy to get back into the storage bag in which it came. I’d actually buy more of them to take down to Disney (or on other vacations) or keep in my car. 

The little Crocs boots were also another huge win for rain gear at camp. Jackson says they’re really comfortable and that they kept his feet dry with all of the “jumping in tons of puddles” he did during camp. I also plan on going back and getting a pair of these in Dylan’s size just to have for rainy days. 

Hibiscus Syrup // I bought this syrup to make watermelon hibiscus margaritas (recipe here). We haven’t tried it yet, but plan on breaking this out this weekend because they sound delicious! 

Pool Treasure Chest // When our friends Brett & Morgan were up north, our kids played in the pool with this treasure chest for what seemed like hours and then continued to be obsessed with it for days. Again, Amazon to the rescue. The boys love this thing, and it’s definitely keeping them busy at the pool!

Pearl Barrettes // I feel fully invested in the headband trend but couldn’t justify spending much money on the barrette trend, so I bought this $6 set. They’re a fun little addition to an outfit or a good way to hide a “need a hair wash” day.

Thermos Water Bottle // We have several of these water bottles for the boys to use when traveling or to take to school and they’re really great. You can also buy replacement straws, in case someone chews through them (learned this from experience).

Kids Sneakers // Our kids are super hard on their shoes, so kids’ shoes are a very frequent Amazon purchase for us. These Saucony shoes are always really good quality and work well for Jackson. 

Prime Day Deals

Kids Shoes // We always pick up new shoes for the boys during Prime Day (and like 3 other times throughout the year because they are excellent at destroying shoes). I mentioned above that we just bought sneakers for Jackson, but with school coming up again soon, I know he’ll need another couple pair. Dylan needs them too, and hopefully we’ll find some light up shoes that work for him!

Kids Kindle Fire // Santa brought these Kindle Fire Tablets to the boys this past Christmas and they’ve been great. We especially love them for traveling. They come with good content (which you can filter), they’re smaller than iPads (more convenient for travel!) and they’re durable – if it gets broken within 2 years, Amazon will replace it for free.

Instant Pot // We bought an Instant Pot maybe 6 months ago and we use it at least 1-2x per week. Every week we prep hard boiled eggs and oatmeal in it for our on-the-go breakfasts, and we’ve even made banana bread in the Instant Pot. This one is definitely worth it – even if it was full price!

Levi’s Jeans // Amazon Fashion is usually pretty good deal anyway, so I’m not too into those deals today. I do have a few pairs of these Levi’s 711 Skinny Jeans and they’re some of my favorites! I take my normal size in these and love them in these washes: Damage is Done, Soft Black & Maui Views. They’re just a really great, simple, skinny jean that’s good for everyday!

Echo Spot // We use these on our nightstands as alarm clocks, and also to answer random questions we come up with when we’re going to bed. The kids also love running into our room in the morning and asking “Lexa” to play Baby Shark. But truthfully, these are great, we say “good morning Alexa” and she tells us our local weather and turns on our lights. Totally unnecessary, put pretty cool nonetheless. The sale isn’t amazing ($40 off of two), but if you’ve been tempted to purchase anyway it may be enough!

Beats By Dre Headphones // These are THE BEST travel headphones, especially if you like watching movies on planes. My dad bought me, Clint, my sister and brother-in-law some Beats Headphones a few years back and they’re totally worth it! They’re comfortable on your head/ears and the sound is fantastic. 


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