Doll 10 Beauty + Summer Giveaway

I mentioned last week (in this post) that I took a little makeup break this summer but that I’m slowly starting to bring that back. Now, it’s coming back in a sort of “less is more” way most of the time

One of the motivators for that was that I got a few new products from Doll10 that have made my routine so quick and easy: 

Doll Skin Anti-Stress Skin Perfector // This is a great, everyday face product! It’s got amazing coverage and has 10 ingredients that work to improve the look and feel of your skin. It goes on really light and smooth, and you buff it on with this brush. I have to tell you, I like the brush as much as I like the product! Their brushes are so fantastic and SO well priced. 

HydraLux Concealer // This has been my go-to concealer for several months now and it’s great. It also has skin-loving ingredients in it, so it’s working to improve the appearance of your fine lines and texture while brightening your under-eye or concealing imperfections. I use this strictly as an under-eye concealer and I wear the color “Light.” I’ve been doing my concealer using this trick lately and this product works amazingly well for it! 

Contour Palette // Now, I’m typically no good at a contour but this palette makes it SO easy! Again, the brush you use with it (this one) is a huge part of making this so easy. But I love that this palette has a few shades for you to work with and play with, and there’s a little “how to” guide on the back to help you out!

Arch Master // I’m so glad that bolder brows are a thing now. As someone with naturally full brows, it’s a trend I’ve been embracing since like 1990. The Arch Master is a great 3-in-1 product with brow pencil, powder and a brow mascara-like gel to help you shape, fill and volumize your brows. So depending on what you need or how you’re feeling, you can up the intensity of your brows. I love the gel for just a quick grooming and the pencil/powder combination when I have a little more time to shape and perfect.

Lip Rouge Lipstick // I’m not the best at putting on lipstick on a daily basis. I somehow got it into my head that I’d make a mess of it so, a lot of times, I’ll skip it. But, I actually do like this creamy lipstick formula and it’s making me change my mind! It’s soft and moisturizing, and has good but not drying staying power. There are so many great shades, too, but my favorite lately has been Sunday Funday, sounds like a good summer color, right?

I really love that Doll 10’s products are multi-taskers and are made for busy women who want a great result without a lot of time. Their whole philosophy of taking 10 minutes for yourself to get ready and write the narrative for the rest of your day is something that really resonates with me. This summer, that hasn’t been the easiest thing for me, but I try to think of it in just that way: “take 10 minutes to take care of yourself and see how you feel.” And a little bit goes a long way sometimes! 

The Giveaway

I’m so excited that Doll 10 is giving away a $250 gift certificate to one lucky reader! You’ll be able to try so many of their products and even update your brush collection (their brushes are SO good!).

Head over to Instagram to enter! 


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