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Here we go! A new month starts this week and holy wow do we have a busy August ahead. Between traveling, getting ready for school and winding down summer activities, things are more than a little crazy around here. I can’t believe our Texas friends start school again in just a couple of weeks, at least we have till after Labor Day around here. 

Before things really get off and running around here this month, I got out my new planner, stickers and notepads from Bloom Daily Planners. While I keep a lot of my appointments, the kids activities, etc. on my phone, I absolutely LOVE having a hand written to do list and calendar at my desk. It helps me to see things laid out as they’re going to happen, and then I definitely get a sense of completion to cross days off and see how far we’ve come in a month!

I’m brightening up my planner with these little sticker sets for holidays, healthy living and upcoming travel and events! I remember having a bunch of these type of stickers for my planner in college and it made me feel so organized and happy to open it up and see! 

Since I’ve also been slacking a bit on my workout routine, I’ve printed out several calendars to attempt to track progress, but I really like this Health & Wellness log better! It has you track what you ate, how much water you drank (I am really working on this!) and how you’re feeling. It also asks you to make time for self care, which is important but seriously lacking in mom life lately. All of the Bloom Daily Planners products are so great for adding a bit of positivity into your life and making you stop and think about how you can do and feel your very best, and I love that!

Amid the crazy, I’m also loving this Work Life Balance Weekly Planning Pad. Its really great for separating your work and personal to-dos, and also gives you space to prioritize a few things for your mind, body and relationships, as well as a space for notes of gratitude. 

I’ve been trying to take 15-30 minutes at the beginning of every week to fill out my calendar with any updates and make this a habit for when the school year starts and we have lots of things to keep track of. 

How are you getting organized for a new month and (eek!) the new school year to come?



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