Things I’m Obsessed with Right Now

I’m having one of those cliche blogger “OMG I’m obsessed with that…” moments, so I figured I’d take that, run with it and blog about it! None of this is sponsored and nothing has been sent to me for free, these are just things I’m truly excited about and wanted to share! 


Okay, this is an actual obsession for me. My skincare was all over the place so I finally decided to commit and try a couple of things from BeautyBio. First, I bought the R45 Retinol System, the Radiance Face Oil and the Prep Pads. I really want to use the R45 to work on the tone and texture of my skin, and also target a scar I have above my lip from a mole I had removed many years ago. 

THEN I watched Jamie O’Banion’s IG Live featuring the BeautyBio body products and the announcement of their brand new The Radiance Body Oil. I’m so impressed by her and her deep knowledge about the scientific aspect of the company, what goes into their products and how they work best. I also really love that their products have been through so many clinical trials and are proven to work. So, I ordered the Radiance Body Oil, the Sculptor and the Body attachment for my GloPro. I also ordered The Daily serum, which is a daily dose of Vitamin C to defend and brighten your skin. 

I took some before photos before I started R45, so in 6 weeks I will do a post with my results!

New BURU Collection

Wait, have you heard I love BURU? Oh good. I am so proud of my friend Morgan for launching the first BURU White Label collection with inclusive sizing. The sizes run from S to 2X which is their widest size range yet, and I’m so happy that more people will get to wear their clothes and feel the confidence that comes with them. 

In this collection, I love the Everyday Pants in Grapefruit, Tie Sleeve Top in Poppy and these shoes

They also released a new BURU Pink Label collection inspired by Morgan’s mom. There are some really cool skirts, boxy tops and jackets. I ordered this skirt (a perfect, seasonless style!) and this top, and I’m super excited to get them!

My goal this summer is to be less of a bum for running Jackson to and from his various camps and lessons, so I think the pieces of these outfits will come in handy!

Citrus Recipes

I’m always a fan of citrusy recipes and I had two big wins with them this week. I had a sweet craving (per usual) made these Honey Lemon Bars. I love lemon bars and the honey really made them a little more earthy and slightly sweeter and SO good. I’m also working on drinking less wine, so I made this Pineapple Lime Mint Sparkler from my sister’s website and omitted the vodka. 

Our SodaStream 

On the subject of beverages, can I tell you how obsessed I am with our SodaStream? I tell literally everyone who comes over how much we love it. We bought it for a couple of reasons. First, we wanted to drink less wine so we thought the SodaStream and the flavors would make for good mocktails – and it does. And second, we wanted to cut down on our LaCroix purchasing. I do love me some LaCroix but we weren’t returning cans (we were recycling them!) and it was becoming kind of a pricey habit that we wanted to see if we could kick.

We usually make 2 SodaStream carafes a day (or every other day) and the water is really good! You can also return your CO2 cartridges at local retailers for a discounted price on replacements. 

Amazon Dresses

I posted this dress on my Instagram a while back and got several “What?!” responses in surprise that it was a $26 Amazon find. One of the people I love following most on Instagram is Lindsey Regan Thorne. She’s an incredible makeup artist (I’d buy anything she recommends) and she shared this dress a while back and said it was easy to wear, looked good right away and the woman was right! When I ordered it in pink, it took almost a month to come in (not Prime, oops!) but then I got it in blue and it came in 2 days.


All it takes is for me to organize one drawer and then I can’t stop myself from throwing things away, giving things away and making things around here look better. It’s a slippery slope.

Last week I went through our linen closet, underneath my sink and makeup. That made me decide that we needed to reorganize our entire bathroom (insert husband’s rolling eyes here). I ordered new baskets for our linen closet, along with cute chalkboard labels. Then I got some acrylic makeup organizers for my vanity tower and drawer. 

I cannot tell you how much better I feel having all of these things organized where I can see and actually use them. I actually think that it will help me better about my makeup and skincare because I will be able to see everything. I also think it was a healthy move because I got rid of so many things that I haven’t used in a while and seriously MUST be expired. 

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