My Summer Fitness Goals

I haven’t done a good fitness update post for a while, and since we’re going into summer, I figured I was due to write one. It’s also good timing for me because I sort of fell off of the workout wagon (or at least how I define it for myself) for a while and just got back on track over the last couple of weeks. 

Once we got back from Spring Break, it got so busy that I wasn’t super motivated to workout on a schedule and stay doing it. For some reason, this little bit of motivation came back at the end of April and I’ve been on a Peloton riding streak every day since May 1. I’m hoping to make it at least 30 days, and hopefully jury duty doesn’t get in the way and mess up my schedule! 

There are a few things I want to do better with my workout routine this summer. I know it’s going to be busy, so my goals are 

Move More Throughout The Day

Once I get through this 30 day jump-start, I’ll probably be on a pretty good track with getting regular workouts in. What I’d really like to do is make an effort to keep that movement going throughout the day, maybe even working for 10,000+ steps per day (which doesn’t always happen, especially if I have a day of desk work ahead of me!). 

A few ways I’m thinking of doing this during the summer is making time to take Harlow for at least one walk a day, spending some of my break time working outside in the garden we’re putting together, and even walking to swim and golf lessons with Jackson instead of taking the car. 

Keep Up Strength Training

I have tried to add at least 3-4 strength training sessions to my routine every week. I’d like to see some more definition in my arms and core, as well as gain strength in my lower body so that I hit better metrics in my rides (and feel better in shorts!). 

I do this with the Peloton Digital app and my iPad in the basement after a workout. I usually try to do arms & shoulders paired with chest & back on one day, a 20 minute core workout on another day and a 20 minute legs & gluten workout on my 3rd day. If I go for a 4th session, it’s usually 10 minute arms toning and 10 minute core. 

Stretch Daily!

I feel so much better when I’m taking at least 5-10 minutes to stretch or to foam roll after my Peloton rides. A lot of time, when I’m rushed, I’ll skip this step but I always notice that I’m more sore if I don’t do it. 

Along with just feeling more flexible with movement in chasing the kids and in workouts, stretching also seems to really help with regular soreness in my hips and back. Am I seriously getting that old? Yup, I am. 

Another way I do this is that I’ve also tried to make yoga a regular part of my routine so I’ll do it at least 1-2x per week with my cardio workouts. 

The most important thing in setting my goals this summer is to make them attainable. I get discouraged and disappointed in myself when I don’t reach my workout goals and I want to set myself up for success. We’ve got a busy summer planned with the boys and with work, so I think adding in some little things like this will make a big difference. 

I also can’t let you all go without chatting about this perfect purple workout outfit! The whole thing is made by Crane & Lion and it is SO comfortable. The pants are high-waisted and super supportive and I love layering this long-sleeve tee over the sports bra or with other tanks. They also make some really great top layers like this sweater and this rain coat (which I could really use around here lately!). I love that their pieces come in a lot of great neutral colors too, so they’d be great for packing on trips this summer to mix and match! 

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