Springtime Tabletop Inspiration

I’m pretty sure all of the excitement of Easter and then a couple of nice weekends, plus a TON of work got to me. So, I apologize for the lack of content around here. I’ve done a bad job of consistently posting but I really am excited about some of the things I’m working on, so I hope you’ll stick with me! 

So, I meant to post this last week because I loved how our Easter tabletop turned out and it really is motivating me to work on house projects for spring and summer.

I got out our Easter stuff to decorate a couple of weeks early and got inspired to set up the themed table as part of our holiday decorations.

My mom bought us everything in this setup a couple of years ago, right after we had Dylan and weren’t ready to leave the house for Easter events with a tiny baby. The entire tablescape is from Pier 1 and, surprisingly, a lot of it is still available! 

Shop Our Tabletop

Having a nicely set up table for a bit before the holiday has inspired me to stage the dining room more frequently. It is the one room in our home that will absolutely be the last to be officially “decorated,” but I enjoyed it more with having a seasonal tablescape. 

Garden Party-Inspired

Naturally, this got me looking around to find a couple more spring setups that would be pretty in our dining room. I’ve been eyeing these Aerin plates and Chilewich Dahlia placemats for a few months now, so I figured I’d put them together for this one. 

The little succulent napkin rings are super cute and I loved how they go with the printed napkins. I remember growing up that my mom seemed to have napkin rings and napkins for so many table setups and holidays, and it’s a collection I’d like to start growing for us as we start to entertain more at our home!

Spring/Summer Blues

I thought this table would be perfect for a dinner party to kick off the summer season with friends. The blues coordinate really well with the inside of our house, so I’m always drawn to finding new combinations with them. 

With both of these, I tried to do some high-low mixing. So, where the blue chargers are deceptively inexpensive, I’d spend more on these beautiful monogrammed dinner napkins. I also have been wanting a set of glasses with the natural raffia on the outside. They’re a summer classic and I think are worthing investing a little bit more into! 


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