Well, hi! It’s been a couple quiet weeks here on the blog but I *think* that I can safely say that it looks like things are getting back to normal around here. Coming back from vacation was challenging enough (we’ve been back for 2 weeks and I literally just finished laundry yesterday), but then last week we were all sick. I think that’s actually the first time our entire family has been sick at the same time – even Jackson who seriously never gets sick. We also had a bit of a rough week with some happenings at school, so it just wasn’t the best week. Thankfully, we had a restful, productive weekend and we’re ready to start a new week on a positive note!

I haven’t done one of these “lately” posts in a while, so I thought I’d start the week by sharing a few things I’m excited about right now. 

Skincare Refresh // Ugh my skin has been feeling AWFUL lately! I think the travel, being sick and constant changes in the weather (it snowed here yesterday and is supposed to be sunny and 50 today) have finally gotten to me. I decided to pick up a collection of BeautyBio products and try to give my skin a refresh. I got the R45 Reversal, which is a 45 day retinol program that gives your skin a boost. I also picked up the Radiance Facial Oil (which I hear is unbelievable) and a new sunscreen, the Protector. Hopefully everything arrives next week and I’ll get started. I plan to take progress photos and show you how it goes! 

Recent Recipes // I did a full meal plan for this week and will share it hopefully next week so I can tell you for sure what worked out well, including this Eggs Benedict Casserole for Easter brunch at home. I’m also really excited to make these Chicken Parmesan Meatballs, these Vanilla Souffles (fingers crossed these work!) and this Farro Salad (I’m adding shrimp). 

Summer Plans // We’ve already started working on our summer plans for a camps, swim lessons, golf lessons and a family vacation. I’m also really excited that we’re going to do a garden at home this year. It’s a project we’re working on with Jackson and my mom and she’s picked up a few super cute books for him (including this one), along with some graph paper for him to plan out his garden and what he wants to plant! He’s also getting this book in his Easter basket, so we’re keeping the theme going. 

All the Dresses // I’ve been on a big dress kick lately, and I plan in living in them all summer long. I was really excited about the new Gal Meets Glam collection that came out last week and picked up this dress (which actually is a re-release of one from last year that I missed!) at Nordstrom, but am also looking at going back and grabbing this one and this one. I also picked up this comfy dress from Banana Republic and this ruffled number from BURU. And I got this jumpsuit from Target, not a dress but also does the job as a one piece wonder!

Healthy Moves // I’m finally getting back into a healthy routine this week. Last week I missed both of my bootcamp classes and just hopped on the I’m going to share this on Instagram but my goals for this week are:

  • Have a green smoothie every day
  • Workout at least 4 days this week (2 bike rides and 2 bootcamp classes)
  • Drink more water (I want to refill my “straw cup” at least 4 times a day)
  • Get to bed early every night 

New on the Blog // So I FINALLY spent some time doing a few updates here and there on the blog. I updated the entire shop section the other day, as well as the “spring favorites” banner on the homepage. I also have a lot of things I want to write about and share in the coming weeks, as it starts to feel like Spring around here so stay tuned! 

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Photos thanks to Eleven Creative. 


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