Apps & Tools We Use to Run Our Business

For those of you who are new here or just haven’t heard me talk about it in previous posts, over the last few years my blog has gone from hobby to full-time and to side hustle. It’s currently my side hustle because a little over two years ago, I started my marketing agency, Bespoke. At Bespoke, we develop marketing programs for aesthetic, lifestyle and retail brands. 

Two years in, we’ve got a great little team who is so creative and works super hard. So today, I wanted to give a little peek into our business and talk about a few things that we use to run our business successfully. 

Since we work in the digital space, we depend on a lot of digital tools, apps and such to keep us on task and organized. Plus, our team all works remotely, so we’ve found a handful of apps and things that help us work better together wherever we are!

Some of Our Favorites

Canva // Canva is a handy little design app that you can use on your phone or your computer. You don’t need any design skills to use it and I, personally, like it when I need to make a quick graphic for client promo or something. 

CoSchedule // I use CoSchedule for my blog and we use it to help schedule clients’ social media. What I really like about it is that it helps you plan in advance and develop a consistent content plan. It’s great for clients when we have a campaign to run and I like it for the blog because if I hear about sales in advance or actually (rarely, lately) have blog content ready to go, I can get that all set up to notify you all!

Planoly // Planoly is an app for scheduling Instagram content. I know we all would love to believe that Instagram is spontaneous and amazing in that way, and sometimes it is, but often not. We use Planoly to develop beautiful, on brand feeds for clients, including our own company feed. I use this one for the blog to help promote my posts and special content I don’t want to miss or forget to post! 

Google Drive // I used to honestly hate and curse Google Drive but now it’s an absolute essential. We use it as a company server to store projects and communicate internally. 

Lightroom, Snapseed & ColorStory // Everyone has their preferences when it comes to photo editing and these are my 3 favorites. I use each of these depending on what I need to do to each photo. Snapseed is great for brightening dark spots in photos, or just doing some tweaks. ColorStory is good for filters. And Lightroom is fairly new to me. I got a set of Monika Hibbs’ presets for one touch updates to photos I take myself on vacation or just everyday. 

The one thing I feel like I’m missing is a great reminder app or a to do list app. So if you have one, I want to hear about it!

What are some of your favorite apps to use to get you organized and keep your days happy, productive and positive?

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