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I haven’t done a full beauty look here on the blog in a while but today I’m going to do that, as well as share a review of this new-to-me beauty line, Doll10. Full disclosure, Doll10 sent me these products for review and consideration but I was so truly impressed by the line that I could not wait to share them with you all! I think it’s a great, affordable line that is really high quality and you’ll really like it! 

About Doll10

The philosophy of Doll10 is that taking 10 minutes of “me time” to get ready and feel your most beautiful can write your narrative for the rest of the day (perfect for this month’s content theme, right?). Their goal is to empower women, build confidence and inspire you to take on your best days while looking and feeling your best. I also love that everything is designed to work well together to create complete, polished looks in under 10 minutes because we’re all busy women! 

Their products are developed by a physician, clinically-proven, cruelty-free and are actually good for your skin. They’re also really easy to use and effective. Bonus points that the packaging is beautiful, feminine and really great quality!

About this Look

This is my own 10 minute beauty look that I’d wear on just an everyday basis for workdays, chasing the boys around or weekends. 

For my eyes, I used the Professional Eye Palette No. 2, which is a great selection of warm neutrals. I used 3 colors: the light pink (all over my lid), cream (under my brow bone) and a light brown (in my crease) to do a super quick and easy eye, and used their Shade + Blend brush. I also used the darkest brown color in the palette to do a light line of eyeliner on both my upper and lower lid. Lately, especially for daytime, I haven’t been loving a real line of eyeliner. Instead, I’ve been dipping into my eyeshadow palettes and doing a soft smudge of that as my liner. 

For my face, I used the HydraLux Concealer in light to brighten up my undereye area and cover a few little blemishes (darn travel stress got to me!). Then I used the HydraGel Foundation, with a beauty blender to apply it. I find that this foundation wears a lot like the IT Cosmetics CC Cream that I use a lot. It is buildable coverage and a natural finish, so you can work with it however you feel most comfortable with your skin. 

Then I used the contour palette to do my bronzer and highlight, but for blush did a cream blush. The cream is nice when you need a little hydration, or for me, I feel like it has more staying power and I really just like a cream blush.

My lip color is a really pretty nude Lip Velvet gloss in Couturable. It is not sticky at all and has a good long wear to it! Plus I used their Lip Shaper which is an invisible lip liner to help keep your products in place! 

My favorite products

I haven’t had a chance to use everything that was sent to me but I already have a few favorite products: 

Brushes // The Doll10 brushes have been AMAZING! All of the bristles are really soft and the handles have a great feel and weight to them. I know it’s weird to say, but that matters to me when it comes to brushes. I like that there are a couple of two-ended brushes that help with multi-tasking (they were also great when we were traveling). This Shade + Blend No. 10 brush is an excellent eyeshadow brush and you can do an entire eye look just with this one brush. The other one I like a lot is the Conceal + Cover No. 3 brush. I use this one with my HydraLux concealer and also to buff in foundation. 

HydraLux Smoothing Concealer // When Ashley and I were shooting this post, she watched me put this on and said “Whoa, that’s great coverage!” and she’s totally right. The concealer has ingredients like Vitamin E and Aloe that help smooth and perfect your skin, while covering dark circles and brightening your undereye area. I use shade Fair when I want to brighten a bit more and shade Light when 

Contour Palette // I’ve expressed before how incapable I am at contouring my face but this palette is actually pretty darn easy to use! If I use this, it takes me more time to get ready but I think I as I do it more, I’ll get better and faster at it. I really like that there are several color options, and it’s a good, multi-tasking palette. There’s also a little diagram on the back of it that tells you how to use everything so that’s been really helpful to me in my “learning to contour” journey.

Eye Shadow Palette No. 2 // This is the palette that I’m using in this post and if you’re looking for a neutral palette that you can use for several different looks (again, perfect for traveling!). I love the range of shades and they really last a long time. I’ve been so thrilled with the wearability of these products, it’s really impressive so far! 

Photos thanks to Eleven Creative


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