Spring Ready With Ferne Boutique

Alright, I’ve given up on winter. Anyone else? 

The snow, the cold, the gray days, I’m just done with it all and ready to move on to spring. We had a couple of sunny days last week and I couldn’t believe how much just that little bit of sunshine improved my mood. It really has me obsessively checking the weather (and counting down) for Spring Break and even shopping for some shorts.

Speaking of Spring Break, I really didn’t realize how quickly this was going to come up. January dragged on forever, February flew by in a flash and here we are almost to mid-March. 

A few things I’m working on this week to start feeling more like spring: 

  • Shopping for new bathing suits for the boys for our Disney trip
  • Getting my Botox touched up (and trying dermaplaning for the first time!)
  • Shooting my March Outfit Guide + Spring Break Content
  • Finishing up our taxes
  • Finalizing a few big client projects
  • Working out at least 5 days during the week, including the new TRX bootcamp I’m doing and loving!

I’ve also decided to start taking my wardrobe in a more spring-focused direction, getting lighter and brighter! Today things are taking that “lighter” direction with this super comfy poncho from Ferne Boutique. If you’re in a Spring shopping mood, I’d go to their Instagram ASAP and just try not to buy everything you see. It’s hard, trust me.

Also, for a great transitional shoe, these nude booties are amazing. First of all, they’re insanely comfortable, under $100 and you won’t believe how many outfits they go with. Stretchy cropped flares are just the start of great pairings with these booties. 

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Ferne Boutique Poncho c/o // BURU Cropped Jeans // BURU Nude Booties // Brynn Hudson Earrings c/o // Hermes Apple Watch Band // Buddha Girl Bangles 

Photos thanks to Eleven Creative.


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