Mommy Monday: 7 Year Old Favorites (So Far)

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about things of Jackson’s that  I’ve been posting lately, so I thought I’d share more details about them here and also talk about a few other things he’s been really into these days.

Books We’re Loving

At school in the Spring, they do a One Book Art Show, so you can buy the book and sign up to create a piece of art that will be displayed around the school.  The book for this year is Super Manny Stands Up, and it’s a book about standing up to bullies and for yourself. We’re creating a little cape and mask (I got this one from Amazon as our starting point), and I’m headed to Michaels this week to start a puff paint and random crafting selection collection for this project.

Harry Potter is FINALLY becoming a thing at our house. Clint and I really like it, so we’ve been waiting for Jackson to show some interest and he finally has! He’s almost through with the Sorcerer’s Stone, and we’re planning on doing a family movie night when he’s done. Also, if you haven’t seen the illustrated versions of these books, they’re beautiful and will make for a really nice collection!

Fun to Do

We got Jackson’s middle-of-the-year report card a couple of weeks ago and he did really great. The only area that needed work was really his penmanship, and we couldn’t argue with that. So, we decided to make this something we’d work on at home and bought him three handwriting workbooks on Amazon. When I posted on my Instagram stories about him working on it, I got so many messages asking about what they were, where we got them, etc. 

So they are this joke book, this handwriting book and this one that’s “just for boys.” They are all actually super cute and he’s enjoying working on them. You KNOW we had to get a little bribery in here to make sure he’s actually continuing to work this, so for every 2 pages he does, he gets 20 minutes of computer time. Lately all he wants to do is play a math game on the computer so this is pretty much a win-win. 

What He’s Wearing

As we get ready for Spring Break, I started a little shopping. I picked up this Disney rash guard and swim trunks set for Jackson, along with some essential Star Wars tees. 

Since it’s still winter here, I have to tell you about this little Merrimane bomber jacket. It is the CUTEST thing added to his wardrobe lately! It is soft, cozy and I actually kind of wish they made it in my size. The striped lining is absolutely adorable and it’s the perfect weight to wear now (we’ve worn it almost as a sweater, since it’s SO cold and he still needs a winter coat), but also as we get into spring. I’ll also surely be saving this one for Dylan (or maybe just getting him one of his own). There are so many other cute styles and if you have a little girl, you need to get this sweet spring coat

So, because this coat was sent to us for Mommy Monday, stay tuned to Instagram for a fun giveaway later this week! 


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