Our Favorite Screen-Free After School Activity

We are on our 7th snow day in 2 weeks, my friends. That means that our kids have gone to school literally two days of the last two weeks and this mama is going crazy! 

If all of the snow days have taught me anything, I have learned that you can never have enough screen-free activities around the house. With sub-zero temps here, we were stuck inside for a solid 5 days and 

A few weeks ago, a girlfriend of mine told me to look at Young, Wild and Friedman’s sensory play kits as something for the boys. When I looked at them, I just thought they were super cute and well thought out and they looked fun to me. I dug a little further and found out that the owner of the company makes all these kits by hand – including making the homemade play doh! 

So I thought this was a brilliant concept and I knew the boys would love it, especially Jackson, so I stalked their Instagram and ordered this Arctic Kit as soon as it went up for sale at like 9:00 PM on a Sunday night. Initially I didn’t get one for Dylan because I wasn’t sure if he was old enough to “responsibly” play with it. Meaning that we don’t really trust him with play doh, so I wasn’t sure it would go well. 

When the kit arrived, Jackson got to play with it first when his brother wasn’t home and he loved it! The kit is even cuter in person and Jackson sat for an hour creating little homes for the animals, making fossils and just using his imagination to play. He never once asked for a tablet to play with, even when he was done!

Over the weekend, I let both boys play with the kit together. Amazingly, they did a really good job of sharing and Dylan did pretty well with all of the pieces and they both had fun doing it together! As a parent, I love seeing the boys play with something that is minimal for mess and really allows them to play and create. It made me so happy that they both liked the kit, did different things with the pieces and also played nicely together. 

So the deal is that there are limited quantities of each kit when they are released, so if you see something coming out (hints and sneak peeks are always on Instagram!), I’d buy it as soon as they’re available. The other thing you can do is get a monthly subscription, which is what I plan on doing next! 

Photos thanks to Eleven Creative.


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