Mask of the Month: Colleen Rothschild

Face masks are everywhere right now and as much as I hear people talking about them and sharing them, I’ve never been great at consistently using them. But I really wanted to change that and have sort of made it part of my disconnect goal for 2019I’ve found that taking 10-15 minutes of “mask time” before bed allows me to sort of settle in and relax. Now, I just need to add that reading goal to that 10-15 minutes and I think I’ll be in great shape!

So that leads me to this Mask of the Month series. Once a month I’m going to share a favorite mask that I’ve been using recently, why I like it, when I use it, etc. So I’m going to start with this new Pomegranate AHA Resurfacing Mask from Colleen Rothschild. In the interest of full disclosure, I got this as part of a press package in January. It came with their amazing Radiant Cleansing Balm (which you must try if you haven’t!), and at first I was more excited about that than anything else. But I finally got to trying the mask and it is really great!

What Do I Like About It?

First of all, the mask smells amazing. Sort of a fruity, smoothie sort of smell that isn’t overpowering but is really quite nice and sort of adds to that “at-home facial” feel. It’s an enzymatic resurfacing mask, so it uses those fruit extracts to help exfoliate your skin and has a little bit of grit (I mean really minimal) to it for manual exfoliation when you rinse off. 

It’s a really smooth product, which I like, and you can feel it working immediately when you put it on. If my skin is really dry, I feel more tingling, but it doesn’t last long and it’s really comfortable to wear for the 10-15 minutes you’re supposed to. 

They also have a brush that you can buy to go with it and I’d highly recommend that. The brush is super soft, helps with a smooth application and is just nice to have if you’re into masking in general.

Afterward, your skin may be a touch red, but overall it’s really smooth and soft. I felt like it was even more that way the next morning. The redness goes away after moisturizing, so it’s not like you’ll have downtime, but you’ll know it worked! 

When Do I Use It?

I use it to smooth and brighten my skin when I feel particularly dry and dull – which has been A LOT of time this winter. I’ll only do it 1-2 times per week, depending on what other products I’m using.

What Products Do I Use With It?

On nights where I do this mask, I keep it really simple and use the products that were sent along with it: the Radiant Cleansing Balm (again, this is one of my all-time favorites!), Face Oil No. 9 (although you can really use any that you like) and an eye cream.

I do not use my GloPro or Retinol on nights where I do the mask. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to or not, but I feel like it’s just too much for me and I try to leave it alone and let the mask do its thing.

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Pomegranate AHA Mask // Radiant Cleansing Balm // Face Oil No. 9 // Mask Brush

All c/o Colleen Rothschild

Photos thanks to Eleven Creative. 


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