Tips for Keeping Up Your Fitness Resolutions

Okay, so we’re a month in and I’m pretty sure that most of us make some sort of health or fitness “resolution” for the new year. I tried not to make a formal resolution for this so that I didn’t ultimately fail at it. But I do want to continue to focus on my health and wellness this year. I’ll workout, of course, but I want to also try to work on my diet and get that in better shape so I both look and feel better in the new year.

I think as we get into February, we all sort of start to settle into the year, new schedules and so on, so those wellness goals may tend to fall of a little bit. Here are a few tips to keep you going on your goals:

Challenge Yourself

I’m always up for a good challenge! My competitive side comes out and I like having a goal for myself. This month, I joined a Peloton challenge to workout every day until February 5. This could be a long ride, regular ride, yoga, stretching, strength or otherwise. 

They also do monthly challenges for miles and workouts, so I usually enter those too. It’s crazy how oddly motivating the badges on my screen are. I also like to use the challenges that my Apple Watch gives me every month, and the goals I have set for every day. It keeps me working and I love when I see all the rings complete! 

Find something that works for you, whether that be checking off days on a calendar or a friendly challenge with a workout buddy to motivate each other and keep yourselves going for your goal.

Reward Yourself

Now, if you’re going to give yourself a challenge, I say there ought to be a reward at the end, right? Bribery works for our kids and it works just as well for me, so I have no problem rewarding myself for a job well done.

Give yourself something to work towards, and once you get there, give yourself a treat of some kind. Maybe it’s a dinner out at your favorite spot, or some new jeans to make you feel great! Do what works for you and keep it in sight as you’re working on your health.

Try Something New

For me this has been yoga and I’ve loved it! I ride the bike a lot, but once I started doing yoga, I had a renewed motivation to work out. It got my body moving in different ways that complimented the other work I was doing and the challenge of certain poses has kept me going and wanting to work up to something more.

I really do believe that you get used to certain workouts (and maybe diets too, if I could ever really stick to one) so variety is good for you! Plus it’s a good challenge for your brain to get out of your comfort zone and try something that you have to think about more than normal. 

Track Your Progress

I’m terrible at doing this, but if you’re working really hard at your fitness goals, you ought to document it!

For me, this never means a scale because I truly want it to be about how I feel and how I fit in my clothes. I’ve also taken some “before” photos, that I’ll try to compare in a few months to see how far I’ve come. I also use miles as a metric on my Peloton, hoping to increase them each  month.

Pick a metric that works for you and use it to help track your progress! 

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Photos thanks to Eleven Creative.


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