Traveling with Kindness this Holiday Season

Sponsored by Delta

I cannot believe that we have actually been able to keep this vacation a secret from our kids for three months, but we’re taking the kids to Disney World for a post-Christmas trip and could not be more excited about it!

We haven’t done much holiday traveling the last couple of years because Dylan was so little. But now that we’re ready to brave the holiday travel scene again and the potential craziness ahead, I’m excited to be partnering with Delta Air Lines to share their Kindness Travels campaign.

We almost exclusively fly Delta and we’ve had such great experiences on our Disney travels. Our flight attendants have been beyond helpful to ensure that we’re all seated together, asking the boys questions to get them more excited about their trip and, of course, providing wings to make them feel part of the crew (swag is always a sure win with our kids!). A few trips ago, Jackson even got invited into the cabin (pre-flight, of course) to meet the captain and take a photo. After that he was most assuredly “Becoming a pilot” in addition to his current running list of jobs he plans to hold as an adult – along with being a super hero who goes by the name of Dino Man.

I really love this Delta initiative and I’m thrilled to be a part of it because I truly think that if we all just took a moment to take a breath before getting worked up, or took a moment to hold a door, say thank you or do a small act of kindness, everyone’s holiday travel experiences would be better! On this trip, as we do with all of them, we talk with our kids about doing three things to be polite and kind along the way:

Say Please and Thank You

It seems so simple but goes such a long way! We encourage our boys to always use their manners with everyone, every day, and that doesn’t stop when we’re away from home. Saying thank you for a beverage, to someone holding a door or saying please when you ask for something is always the way to do it.

Ask a Question

Now if you have a talker of a child, like we do, this one is questionable. But we try to teach the boys that if someone asks you “how are you?” you ask them in return. I love on our Disney flights that Delta flight attendants always have questions for the boys about their favorite spots and are happy to share in return!


Hello, it’s the holiday season! We all have something to be happy about or grateful for and a smile can brighten someone’s day and make him or her feel appreciated.

If you all are traveling this week, have a safe and wonderful trip! We’ll be sharing lots from ours on Instagram so stay tuned!

Photos thanks to Eleven Creative.


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