Very Merry Gift Guide: For Kids

Kids just keep getting more and more difficult to buy for! Our kids have a big surprise trip coming their way soon after Christmas, so we’re going sort of light on gifts this year. I’ve been telling friends that my “mom hack” for this is that everything we give the kids will have its own box. For example, you get 2 pair of pajamas? Well, each pair gets a box. Our kids always get underwear in their stockings and each of those will be individually wrapped! They’re totally in it to have more things to open and I figure that this will be an easy way to make that happen.

Aside from the trip and some smaller things, our kids are getting the Amazon Fire Tablets for their “cool thing” this year. But I wanted to share some of my other favorite gifts to give, or things we’ve received or bought in the past and loved:

  • Experiences and things families can do together like a Zoo membership, SkyZone gift card for jump time, movie gift cards or tickets to a local attraction, like Zehnder’s Splash Village for us. We’ve also been given a brick at our local zoo with Dylan’s name on it as a gift and we thought that was really thoughtful and special, and we always “check on our brick” every time we visit the zoo – so that’s another idea! 
  • The Amazon Prime Book Box has been something we’ve loved and given as a gift and I think it is such a nice way to help a child grow their book collection. You can pick the child’s age and Amazon gives you options and recommendations, which you can change if you want. I love this also for a way to discover new books for our own kids!
  • The Osmo has been another thing we’ve loved and would highly recommend. Jackson got it when he was 4, and at that point it was a little over his head but he has really grown into it and learned with it – it’s an amazing toy. We’ve especially been impressed by the Coding game!

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