Winter Skincare Updates: Tata Harper

I usually plan posts out a bit and I could not have predicted that this post date would work out so well because we are getting our first snowfall today! The boys were super excited to wake up to snow this morning, and insisted on wearing boots, gloves and hats to school. Now, it’s not a blizzard, and we’re probably going to get like 1″ of snow but it’s pretty so we’re going with it!

I’m also going to say that this makes it perfect timing to talk about winter skincare, since the cold, dry air is really starting to settle in around here and the snow just reinforces that fact. 

A couple of months ago, I shared my experience with Tata Harper Skincare and, in that review (if you didn’t, it’s right here), I broke down my morning and evening routines. In the winter, I definitely deal with dry skin, and even more so if we’re spending time outside playing, skiing and such. So for winter, I’m making a few swaps in my skincare routine to focus on hydration, soothing and just keeping my skin clear overall.


In the summer, for mornings, I was using the Regenerating Cleanser, which I will still do but now I’m alternating it with the Purifying Cleanser (if you have sensitive skin, try the Refreshing Cleanser). I’ve been feeling some clogged pores on my chin (likely because when I have a lot of desk time, I put my hand on my chin), and this cleanser helps just as a first step to cleaning that up.

I am still using the Nourishing Oil Cleanser at night (and sometimes in the morning when I double cleanse), and it’s such a good one but especially in the winter. It leaves your skin clean and so soft, plus it’s really soothing so it would feel great after a day of skiing on that dry skin.


In the summer I was using the Repairative Moisturizer for daytime, which is light and essentially perfect for summer months or humid climates. I was using the Creme Riche only in the evenings, but I’m doing that both morning and evening now with the colder weather. My skin just sucks it up and totally needs that much moisture. It’s great for both times of day though, your makeup will wear well over it during the day and it’s again, soothing (which is apparently a huge deal to me lately), at night. I feel like dry skin can get SO uncomfortable and if you’re using this, I think it will make a huge difference in your skin. My skin glows when I use this one, and it’s 100% worth it. 

I was also using the Beautifying Face Oil before, but have switched to the Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil. They call it a vitamin cocktail for your skin, and it just helps balance your skin. It’s great for dry patches, redness and overall making your skin more even. I just put a few drops on after my moisturizer, usually at night. Or if I really feel that I need it during the day, it’s usually on a no-makeup day, but that’s just personal preference for me. 


The Clarifying Mask is still one of my favorites and I do that once a week, usually. I also have been doing the Boosted Contouring Eye Mask a few days a week. You put a good layer on your entire eye area and then go to bed. It’s hydrating, lifting and really helps you look less tired. I’ll actually also sometimes do this in the middle of the night when I’m not sleeping well and want to look remotely rested the next day! Just put a little swipe on there and try to go back to bed.  

What I’m Still Using

I’m still using the Hydrating Floral Essence daily, morning and night. And that’s one I always recommend. Right now, if you want to try the brand for winter, I’d get the Nourishing Oil Cleanser and the Hydrating Floral Essence first. Then work your way into other products. I’d then go for the Creme Riche, you will LOVE it. It’s one of the best moisturizers I’ve ever used, hands down. 

I did also try some of the body products and I think these would be great to integrate into your weekly routine too. Doing a body scrub with the Redefining Body Balm, especially on dry legs in the winter is so nice. The balm is also good for stretch marks and firming, so there’s a bonus on that one!

To get into more detail on what would be best for your skin, specifically, you can go to the Tata Harper site and do “Find Your Regimen” to find out what products are recommended. I also would love to answer questions you have about the products I use, so I will try to do an Instagram live with my routine again this weekend. People seemed to like that before, so I’ll do it again maybe Sunday!

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