Style Inspiration with Lori Caplan

When it comes to style, are a few people whose sense of style and whose commitment to staying true to themselves in that style that I really admire. One of them is my friend Morgan, who owns Shop BURU. She wears things in a way that’s so her and curates the shop in the same way, but yet still manages to pick things that are fitting for so many women. Even my husband will say “Did you get that from Morgan?” with certain things I wear. And 10/10 times, the answer is yes. 

Another person I’ve long admired is Blair Eadie. I was super happy to support her new collection at Nordstrom because I feel like it was exactly the same way. She mixes and matches so well, and wears color better than darn near anyone, all while inspiring you to do the same. The collection at Nordstrom was so quintessentially her but, just like with BURU, it was wearable for other people and left open to interpretation in your own wardrobe. And I loved it. 

A couple of weeks ago I met another woman who really inspired me from moment 1. Lori Caplin is the Designer Sportswear Buyer for Neiman Marcus and I got to spend time with her in store in Troy when she was in for an event. When we met, I immediately felt like I had gone too safe with my outfit for the day (should have worn my BURU tutu!). Because she was wearing a metal mesh tank layered over a buttondown and the COOLEST wide leg black pants. Oh and asymmetrical earrings (I will be trying this trend now, BTW) that were surprisingly wearable for everyday. Needless to say, I was immediately inspired. 

A few things really stuck with me in our conversation and as we get into about details on the clothes, I wanted to share them with you: 

Dress for the day you want to have

Lori mentioned that on a rainy day, the first thing she’ll grab is something with sparkle. If you’re like me, you’re inclined to go the opposite way, right? What she said was that when you get dressed, you set the tone for your day. So, if it’s a gloomy, rainy day, one thing you can control to make it “brighter” is what you wear, so pick something bright. 

Shop for Versatility

When you shop, you want to be able to style your clothes in a number of ways. In the blogging world, a lot of people get wrapped up in having tons and tons of clothes that get worn once (see a great post that my friend Carrie wrote about this here). But that’s not real life, right? And no matter what you’re spending on your clothing, you want it to be versatile for work or weekend or day to night. So this Akris Punto suit that Lori styled was awesome put together as a set (with this sheer + velvet rag and bone tee underneath – which also comes in black longsleeve and is now on my birthday list!), but was also amazing as the jacket with jeans, or the pants with a sweater, different jacket or even a graphic tee – all depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing. Also, the pink Chanel sneakers with this one? 

Mix High and Low

High and low mean different things to different people. But when it comes down to it, whether your investment is $50 or $500, you can mix and match pieces of different price points to create several great outfits and really get the mileage out of the pieces you buy. We looked at this Redemption jacket that I would have probably immediately put with jeans or a solid color dress, BUT look how cool it is with the Rebecca Taylor dress and combat boots? Can we also talk about how I need heeled combat boots now? Then the jacket again goes with those Akris Punto pants and sneakers. So matching is good, but not matching but finding a common thread in pieces you like and putting them together might be even better. Less matching = more personal style! 

Along with all the style talk, it was also great to chat with other working moms (both Lori and the PR Manager at Neiman Marcus in Troy are fashionable working moms!) who love style and find a way to fit it into their lives every day, no matter how crazy it may be. That’s kind of the philosophy around here, although sometimes it’s challenging to live by.

My goal in this blog is to inspire you to add a little style to every day and, admittedly, I’ve been in a bit of a yoga pants rut for a bit, so this meeting I had was a good kick in the pants to get me out of it and I hope seeing some different ways to style pieces does the same thing for you. 

Stay tuned for Monday’s post where I’m putting some of Lori’s tips into my own wardrobe and will be styling this Veronica Beard dress two different ways! 


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