Flavors of Fall with Maple Cheerios

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

It looks so much like fall around here these days! The colors on our large maple tree are beautiful (and I may or may not have “borrowed” some leaves from the bright yellow tree in our neighbor’s yard for table décor) and it’s finally cold out. Trust me, I’ll regret saying that in February, but for now it’s been nice to get out coats, buy new boots and start wearing sweaters. It’s by far my favorite season!  

Even though fall is my favorite time, it also seems to be (at least lately) one of the busiest times of the year. I’d bet you all are the same way, you’re racing around all week and then catching up on weekends to prepare for the next week of racing around.

One of my solutions to this has been to find ways to multi-task and get help where I can. One of the ways I do that is to either do grocery delivery or online grocery pick-up. Grocery pick up at Walmart works great for me because I’ll often think of things we need when I’m out and about. Then I can place an order and pick it up on the way to grab either one of the kids from school (because the store is on the way!). 

Honestly, I try to avoid grocery shopping with the kids lately because it’s crazy hectic and they want “treats” on every aisle. This way, I figure I’m saving time, money and if I grab something extra, it works as a snack in the car on the way home.

Even amid the craziness, and since we’re loving fall, it makes sense around here to bring in fall flavors like lots of pumpkin, cinnamon and maple. One of our household staples (as I think it is for lots of families with kids!) is Cheerios and they just came out with Maple Cheerios at the end of October – perfectly timed, right?

They’re made with real maple syrup, are gluten-free, and are lightly sweet. The kids will snack on them dry or have a bowl for breakfast with milk. I tried them with vanilla almond milk and they were super tasty!

And speaking of breakfast, what’s been really kind of fun is that we’ve set up a little spot for Jackson to grab his own breakfast on weekend mornings when he (inevitably) gets up much earlier than everyone else.

On a lower shelf, so that nothing gets knocked over, we did a couple of canisters of cereal, labeled with the type, and set up a box with bowls, napkins and spoons for him. He’s a dry cereal kind of kid, so I really don’t worry much about the mess and he can make his way from the pantry to the playroom while everyone else gets up and around.

Now, don’t let me fool you and make you think we’re sleeping in. This is a thing where he gets up and we’re about 10 minutes behind him. But it’s fun for him to have a big boy morning and get his day started this way! 

What are you all doing to get into the spirit of the fall season? And please, tell me your tips for managing the happy craziness!


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