Tata Harper Skincare Review

I’ve talked a bit since the beginning of the year about integrating more natural products into my beauty and skincare routine. So this summer, I started using Tata Harper Skincare both morning and night to test and try an entire routine to see what it would do for my skin.

And what do you know….it worked. I’ve had lots of compliments on my skin over the last couple of months and it really has felt more clear, bright and smooth. My makeup wears well over it and I’ve just been really happy with the results

Overall, the products are amazing. They smell great and they feel great on my skin. Everything is made in batches (which are labeled on your bottles!) with more than 300 raw ingredients and the key ingredients are in very high concentrations that are complex and really work.

The packaging is beautiful for every product and it is also recyclable. We just started making recycling a priority in our house and it really has made me feel good to spend just a few extra minutes each week doing our recycling. So, I’m happy to support a brand that is environmentally responsible, as I aspire to be more that way, as well. 

I’ve also found that they were really easy to make into a routine that you’d want to repeat. Every  morning and evening, I take out my products, line them up in order and go through my routine. Some of the products for morning and evening overlap a bit, but then there are a few specific morning and evening things. I thought I’d go through them with you and share which I like best and will definitely be repurchasing!

Morning Skincare Routine

Morning Skincare: Regenerating Cleanser // Hydrating Floral Essence // Resurfacing Serum // Illuminating Eye Cream // Repairative Moisturizer // Aromatic Energy Treatment 

For my morning skincare routine, I start with the Regenerating Cleanser. This is one of my very favorite products and if you’re looking to choose a product to start with, I’d pick this one. It’s a light exfoliating cleanser that you can use daily and I feel like it really helps with getting rid of dead skin and keeping  your skin smooth. I follow up with the Hydrating Floral Essence (which I also used when I was pregnant, sort of as a “toner” step, and I felt that it helped keep my skin feeling fresher and more clear). 

The Resurfacing Serum is my next step, followed by the Illuminating Eye Cream, which is a bit pearlized looking and really does brighten. And finally, I do the Repairative Moisturizer for daytime. It’s a lightweight moisturizer that is fairly thin and smooth, but does a great job with hydration. I’m not sure if I’ll need something more for winter, but I would probably try the Creme Riche, which I use at night, for daytime, as well. 

My foundation has an SPF in it, so I make sure that I am good with that for sunscreen for the day! That’s really the only thing missing from the Tata Harper routine, but if they had one, I’d totally buy it. 

I do also use the Aromatic Energy Treatment almost daily. It’s in a rollerball that I put on my wrists and neck. It smells lovely and it’s supposed to help with energy, alertness and just be a little pick-me up. I need all the help I can get lately and I like how it smells, so I’m happy to use it regularly! 

Evening Skincare Routine

For nighttime skincare, I love that this collection of products is soothing and relaxing. For a cleanser at night, I use the Nourishing Oil Cleanser and, again, really love it. It’s great for taking off your makeup and it leaves your skin feeling super, super soft. You could follow it up with the Regenerating Cleanser (but I wouldn’t do it if you used it in the morning) if you need a little exfoliation at night. 

Instead of doing that, a couple of times a week I will do a mask. I like the Resurfacing Mask and the Clarifying Mask the best and I’ll just use whichever one seems to fit with how my skin is feeling at the time. The Clarifying Mask is good when my skin feels congested or just oily and gross, and I like the Resurfacing Mask if I have a meeting or photos the next day and want to get a little extra glow.

Finally, the last step at night is moisturizing and oils. I use the Creme Riche at night and it is a fabulous moisturizer. It smells amazing and is SO hydrating. I learned from InstaStories that Tata Harper herself says to do oils last in your routine because while not all products can penetrate the oils, your oils can go through your products and get to your skin, so you’ll layer that way. I like the Beautifying Face Oil for this. It adds glow, moisture and nutrients to your skin and it gives a soothing feeling, as well.

So that’s it! I have had a great experience with the Tata Harper products and hope that I’ve given you enough information to go out and try some. If you have questions, leave me a comment and I’m happy to answer! 

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Morning Skincare c/o: Regenerating Cleanser // Hydrating Floral Essence // Resurfacing Serum // Illuminating Eye Cream // Repairative Moisturizer // Aromatic Energy Treatment 

Evening Skincare c/o: Nourishing Oil Cleanser // Hydrating Floral Essence // Resurfacing Serum // Illuminating Eye Cream // Creme Riche // Beautifying Face Oil // Aromatic Irritability Treatment

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