How I Deal With Being Overwhelmed

When we started to make our fall plans over the summer, we always knew that October was going to be a crazy month. It’s a fun month with a lot to be thankful for and excited about, but it’s also a month where nothing can really be missed and with little room for give and take on things. 

We did our best in September to prepare but then Clint got a touch of the flu earlier this month and that added to the craziness. During that week, I got totally overwhelmed with meetings, running the kids to and from school and activities and by Friday afternoon of that week, I was on the couch just ready to pass out and call it a week. I spent the following weekend working to catch up on things around the house, blog work, client work and prep for the traveling we’ve been doing and I felt so much better. 

So I thought I’d share a few things that I did/learned that helped me get back into the swing of things and catch up when I feel like I’m going crazy:

Make Lists + Delegate and Ask for Help Where You Can

I’m a very big list person, I put things on lists just to cross them off and feel accomplished. During the first week of a month, I usually do meetings with all of my clients to plan for the current and next month, so I end the week with crazy long lists all over the place – and this month we signed a brand new client so it was even more than usual!

So to get myself organized, I did a sheet of paper for each client PLUS a “home” page and a “Blog” page and wrote out my lists. That way I could go through one at a time and prioritize them in the way I needed to, and I was able to delegate projects and home things, as well. 

I SUCK at delegating (ask the girls I work with, I’m not good at it yet) or really even asking for help from Clint at home. I always think I can do it all, even if it pushes me to my max. I know I need to get better at this, but I know if I can move a few things off of my plate, that I will be better at the things I have to handle. 

Take a Break

I know this won’t surprise you but when I need a break, I hop on my Peloton and zone out for a while. Time away from my phone/computer plus a good playlist and encouraging words from a motivating instructor are helpful to me and I really get refreshed and reenergized when I take a ride. When I’m really busy, I know that while I’d love to spend 45 minutes doing a great ride, I can’t take the time away. So I try to give myself a bit of a break and say that if I can do 20 minutes, then that’s good enough. At least I’ve taken that time for myself to be healthy and let my mind relax a bit. 

Clearly this isn’t the “break” that everyone wants, but whatever your break is, make sure you take it. Even if it’s 5 minutes to grab a coffee and flip through Instagram, or catching an episode of Real Housewives on OnDemand, do it. You can spare a few minutes to save your sanity, you’ll be much happier. 

Bribe Yourself

Yes, I said it. We all bribe our kids to do things, right? So why not do the same for yourself and reward yourself for your hard work. I told myself to just “keep working your way to the end of the week and then grab the sweaters you want from J.Crew as a little ‘reward’ for working so hard.” It doesn’t have to be a big thing to be a reward, that’s just what I wanted so that’s what I did! 

I’m good with a trip to grab cookies at the bakery, or a manicure as a reward to myself. But I’m a firm believer in creating your own motivation whether that be material or not. 

Set Little Goals

Sometimes when the to do lists are long (and let’s face it, they often are) that doesn’t help with making you feel less overwhelmed. What I like to do in that case is to set my top 3 “Must Dos” for that day. That way, as long as I do at least those 3 things, then I know I’ve accomplished something. 

Plan, Plan, Plan.

When things slowed down slightly, I took a look at everything and did my best to plan ahead so that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the craziness of the next couple weeks. I do things like color code my calendar with kids’ events, work events and blog posts, and Clint and I sit down to coordinate our calendars and decide who is doing what and when. 

This helps me stay organized, work on those lists and really set my priorities so that everything gets done when it needs to. Clearly for me, when it gets crazy I revert back to making things as structured as I possibly can so that I can set myself up to be successful. 

So this is what works for me! What works for you all when you are overwhelmed and need to catch up/stay sane? 

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