The Sleek Line at Target You Need to Shop Today!

I have to admit, for a few years I sort of fell out of love with Target. I haven’t been into the designer collaborations as much as I once was and I really wasn’t shopping there much for the kids for a while either. 

But at the beginning of the summer, I re-noticed the Cat and Jack line for kids and bought lots of things for the boys. I’ve been so pleased with the tees and shorts that I bought them that I’ve stocked up on polos and even grabbed some long sleeved tees to get their fall clothes started. They wear well, wash up well and they seem to fit the boys great!

So when I went back to do some more shopping for the boys I found the new Prologue line for women and was SO impressed! It’s sleek, the pieces mix and match really well and the price point is amazing. You’ll find things you can wear to work, things you can wear to travel in, dress down or dress up. Check out my favorites by scrolling through the images below:

Prologue is available to shop today and I’ve already added a few things to my cart: the long tweed jacket, joggers and this sweatshirt dress. I’m clearly taking a bit more of a casual approach to my purchases but there are $40 faux leather dresses, and some really great button downs, blazers and pants. My friend and graphic designer called it a “working girl’s dream” and I can’t disagree, it’s pretty amazing!

Check out Prologue at Target and let me know what you think and if you’ll be shopping it! 

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