Post Summer Hair Care

Earlier last month I started to notice the toll that summer had been taking on my hair. With all of the sun and the fact that I actually hate cutting my hair, it was really starting to look a little worse for the wear. My ends were looking really dry and my scalp was itchy. Overall my hair wasn’t looking healthy and I was getting a bit frustrated with how fuzzy and uncooperative it was becoming. 

First things first: Hair Cut

As any stylist I have ever been to will tell you, I HATE cutting my hair. HATE it. Seriously, seriously hate it. I have an odd attachment to my hair and cutting more than an inch is a major decision for me. Well, I’ve decided to try and get over that. I’m due for a hair cut so I put one on my calendar and it is this Thursday.

Don’t expect crazy major changes, but I’m up for more than my usual “inch at the most” and I think it will do wonders for my hair. I’m also thinking of adding a little bit of layering in the front, just to have some pieces to play with in different styles. 

Product Update: Malavara Hair Oil

This is partially product-related, but also partially routine-related, because as you do it more regularly, the better results you’ll have. I was introduced to Malavara by one of the founders of a company who is a friend of a friend. I loved the idea of trying the hair oil first because it is a natural product, but then the more I learned about the ritual of hair oiling, the more I liked it. 

So what’s in the oil? Among other the nine extracts and oils in this blend, the key ingredient is Hairy Basil Oil, which protects and repairs collagen to strengthen your hair and cleanse your scalp. 

Was I skeptical that putting oil in my hair would make it, well…oily? Yes, absolutely. I thought I’d walk around with a greasy mess of hair but it actually wasn’t at all. The oil itself does not have a fragrance (which was a quality that I liked about it), so it’s 

Tejal, one of the brand’s founders did a really amazing video about how you use a strengthening hair and scalp massage to apply the oil to your hair. You can do this 30 minutes before you shower, or even longer. It’s really not greasy, so I’d bet you could do it before bed and wake up and wash your hair. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t say exactly how it goes, but I’ll report back when I do.


I found that my hair dried and behaved better when I used the oil. And in an ideal world, I’d try to do it on my first hair wash of each week (usually on a Monday). Once I cut my hair this week, I want to grow out stronger, so I know this will be a great step in doing that, along with getting back to taking my Vital Proteins collagen daily. Ahh thank goodness for new routines! 


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