Good Nights Make for Great Days

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Our family craves routine. In fact, I think we really do our best when we have a packed but consistent schedule and (yay!) that starts next week. 

I’ve talked before about our evening routine and how important it is to us and the boys in order to get a good night’s sleep. But we also learned a lot last year about how doing a few extra things at night can also make for an easier morning and getting out the door for school. I always thought that we’d have SO much time in the mornings because we get up pretty early, but it’s been amazing to me how quickly those minutes tick by when you’re racing around getting everyone ready!

Pack it Up

When the boys get home from school, the first thing I do is go through them and take out any work from the day and get the bags reorganized. I also check our calendars to see whose snack day is the next day and if they need a refresh on extra clothes or anything else to take back to school. 

We get updates from Dylan’s school about if he needs diapers or wipes, as well, so as soon as we get one, I’ll make sure to set those with his bag in our entryway so that everything is ready to go when we leave for school the next morning. 

Set Things Out

This was one I actually thought would never work, but have been pleasantly surprised that it did! We set out clothes for both boys every night for the next school day. Part of me wishes that we had uniforms at our school, but since we don’t, we tried to make it a little easier on ourselves by setting some rules and plans. With Jackson we made a plan that he dress nicely for school Monday through Thursday and on Fridays he’s allowed to pick out a character tee from his drawer. It’s like “casual Friday” for elementary school, and he actually likes to get dressed for school and have that choice of a fun outfit one day a week.

Now, with Dylan, he’s a little bit more fickle (he’s 2, so I completely expect that) and as long as he’s not wearing pajamas to school on any given day, I’m pretty happy. If he’s over his outfit by the time morning rolls around, I try to just give him two options of shirts to pick between. I used to try and give him lots of choices but that turned out to cause more problems than anything. When there are just two things, he still feels like he has the choice, but we’re limiting the craziness a bit. 

I was also the mom who swore she’d never dress her kids alike. Well, that has changed. I found that they both wanted what the other one had, so I just solved that problem for myself by buying each of them many of the exact same things. They don’t necessarily wear them on the same day but they’re there in case one child inspires the other to dress in a certain outfit on a given day.

Settle In 

That bedtime routine is super important to us and to the boys to settle in at night, and bath time is always the first step. Bath time has been consistent for as long as we’ve had the boys and that includes the JOHNSON’S® bath products that we’ve been using since Jackson was a baby. 

I honestly love everything about JOHNSON’S® products from the smell to the feel and that’s why we’ve always bought them. I’m loving even more now that the products have been reformulated to have 50% less ingredients, 90% of which are naturally derived. They’re free of parabens, and phthalates, as well as being dye free and sulphate free.

Along with the improvements and updates to the products themselves, they’ve also updated the packaging. The new bottles are sleek and look really nice but they are all now designed with the pump top to make it easier to dispense everything mid-bath (when you’re likely covered in bubbles and water!). 

I always pick our products up on one of the many weekly Kroger trips I make. It’s just quick and easy, because who needs an extra trip to another store? Especially with the long to do lists and many activities that come with school starting again. 

It’s also a good time to stock up on your products because beginning on September 2, while supplies last, you can save $1 on any 1 JOHNSON’S® lotion, wash, or hair care item. You can load this offer to your card when you sign into

Thank you to JOHNSON’S®, a brand we truly love and have used daily for years, for sponsoring this post. And thank you to my wonderful readers for supporting the brands that make the HSS feed possible. 

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