HSS At Home: My Home Office Design

We started this year saying that maybe we’d do a few little projects around the house but, of course, nothing major. Well, that didn’t last very long!

We did some work on our yard, replacing some plants, making some small patio changes and adding a raised bed for gardening (which never got planted in this summer, but there’s always next year, right?). Then we built out two of our storage closets in the basement, one as a dry pantry for our seemingly endless snack and paper product storage, and the other for a cedar closet for seasonal clothing storage.

Then we did something I think was the most fun. We started to decorate my office!

As my business grew at the end of last year, and into this year, I felt that it was becoming more and more important for me to have a dedicated working space. I was spending more time in my office, and I’m still most productive when I’m at a desk in that room, but it didn’t feel much like an office. It was a mash up of furniture from a couple of houses and the storage wasn’t ideal for my client work and the PR packages and blog projects that roll in. So, it would quickly become a mess and I would just not want to deal with it and move back to the kitchen table or the couch to work from there. 

All that, my friends, is about to change. 

I worked with my client, Feige’s Interiors, to create a space that would fit in with the design of the rest of our home, but would also be a creative space for me that would be bright, inspiring and just “fit” the personality of my business. 

Today I’m sharing a little preview of some of the elements of the office, which is going to be installed early next month. We started working on this a few months ago and the designers at Feige’s presented me with two concepts for the office. One was based on this image we took at their Rug Event in store last fall and that I couldn’t stop talking about. I had also asked that we try to look at one option that would use our existing Pottery Barn desk, and this did exactly that with lots of soft, feminine elements that were very fitting.

The other was inspired by the existing design of our home and all new furniture. Well, we were hoping to maybe save money by keeping our current desk but the second option was so beautiful (although they really both were great!), fitting to our home and my business that we quickly sold the Pottery Barn desk and moved forward with Option 2!

If you have been following me for a while, you know I’ve had my office painted a couple of times (bright blue and then purple), and the new gray paint with a navy accent wall has already been done and that was a great start. The colors of the office will be blues, grays, white and gold, to coordinate with the rest of our home. The design team at Feige’s really has done an amazing job pulling together different fabrics and textures to make the room really feel polished. They took into consideration the type of work that I do and made sure to incorporate elements like a full-length mirror for photos and try-ons, a storage dresser with several drawers of storage for PR packages and office essentials, and fun things like this “hello” artwork for the wall and a hanging rod for clothing on my “to shoot” list. 

And wait till you see the furniture we have coming! The desk is from Hooker Furniture and it is sleek and stylish. I was given two chairs from my grandfather’s house after he passed away and we had those refinished in a beautiful textured navy fabric that gave them a new life. I can’t wait to see it all in place and to spend work time and relaxing evening time in this room.

There are so many more fun details that I can’t wait to see come to life and share with you in a few weeks!  

Photos thanks to Eleven Creative.


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