What I Learned at The TBS Conference

Well friends, after a trip for a conference, a few days home and then yet another trip (this time for family fun), I’m back home and excited to get back to work. We aren’t traveling again for quite a while (which I’m so happy about!), so this is the week where we will actually/hopefully get caught up and back on track – especially since school is starting SO soon!

Since we’re catching up, I have some blog posts to get to work on and there are things I definitely want to catch you all up on and first is The Blog Societies Conference that I attended in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t been to a blog conference in a few years for various reasons, and I actually missed this one last year due to a previous commitment and was really bummed about it. This year, I stalked the schedule to see the dates and location and I was one of the first to buy my ticket! 

My Why + Goals for the Conference

I wanted to go to the conference for one main reason: to be inspired. I spend a good amount of time by myself, in front of my computer, in my office and I really wanted to be around some new people with new ideas who would teach me new things and inspire me to do better both on my blog and on work for my clients. 

I felt that The Blog Societies Conference was a good fit for me because it’s a smaller conference with hands-on workshops and breakout sessions and I thought that it would allow for me to meet and spend more time talking with brand representatives and other bloggers. And I also went alone, knowing no one, so I was going to be forced to be more outgoing and get to talking!

I hoped to leave feeling refreshed, but also with a long to-do list of ideas and things that I felt would work well for me and for my clients. I definitely did that, this list I have is crazy and exciting!

There were great workshops on Travel Blogging, Social Media Advertising, iPhone photography (mind. blown.) and SEO (a HUGE part of my to do list). and all of the amazing experts who presented at them did a great job of giving tips, tricks and real-life ideas that could elevate a blog or work for my clients.

I left inspired to get back to basics and also to really focus on my brand, and let the brand and my real-life drive my content. Which leads me into the next thing…

Things I’m Working On   

You may have noticed that I changed my top navigation menu categories to be “happiness, success and style.” In each of those you will notice categories, and those will begin to get more organized and robust over the coming months.

The blog was founded on the idea of adding those three elements into every day and inspiring you all with ways to do that, but over the years, things have turned to just focus on the “style” part more than the rest. I’d really like to change that and I’m going to be putting more effort into creating content that will be helpful, useful and inspiring.

Sometimes, I will hold back on posts because I’ll think “Oh I’m not an expert on that, why would people listen to me?” Then I thought about the content I like reading on other sites. I really just like hearing other people’s perspectives, other people’s style and I take away from it little tidbits that work for me. I don’t expect everyone to be experts, but I like the inspiration and I hope that you’ll take away little things from my posts that will do that same thing for you.

Let’s be honest, I love fashion and clothes, but other people do style better than I do, and that’s okay. Clothes and style will always be part of my content but I’d like to share more of the other things that I love and connect with you all more in ways that aren’t fashion-related. It’s going to take some time, but you’ll see some of the new content start in the next few weeks and I look forward to getting your feedback on it! 

Fun Things From the Conference

Okay so that’s the work, let’s talk about some of the fun!

I got to meet a few brands that were really new to me, including Mud Pie (the cutest home decor and fashionable but budget-friendly clothing for women & kids), Dress Up (super cute, on trend clothing), Joules (a British fashion and lifestyle brand) and then some brands I love and use almost every day like Goody, Kendra Scott and more. Meeting some new brands got me excited to look outside of my usual go-tos for style pieces and try something different to share here!

There were also some really amazing setups for breakfast and lunch with these brands, including a super cute breakfast with La Croix (you know my obsession here!). They also ended the event with a flower crown workshop that had just the most beautiful setup and it was a fun way to end a great, information-packed few days!

I hope you all enjoyed hearing a bit more about the conference, as I really had a great time attending and learning! And I’m excited to do a little refresh here on the blog that I hope you will love!

Photos thanks to XXIII Photo Studio.


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