The 5 Most Used Products I Own

I often get asked about my favorite things in many categories, so today I wanted to share the five products that I own and use more than anything (or at least it seems like it!). Sometimes it’s about the simple things and these are all products that I use on a daily basis, and my friends, clients and husband can probably all attest to seeing me with at least 2 of these things at any given time. 



I think this one is probably something you all could have guessed that I would include on this list. Without intending to be dramatic about it, the Peloton bike has changed my life. It gave me access to working out on my own schedule and really helped me feel like myself after having Dylan and dealing with some post-partum emotional issues. 

Now I love it because of the workouts and the sense of community with other riders in Facebook groups, on the bike and even in person at the store. You can read more about my experience with the bike in this post, and this one

Right now I’m riding 4-6 days a week, closing in on 300 rides and I’m not even close to sick of it yet!

Birdling Bag

Back when we were doing Mommy Monday posts, this Birdling bag was one of our collaborations and it may have turned out to be my favorite one. I think I use this bag more than any gifted product I’ve ever been given. I use it as my work bag and love it for the storage space, pockets and the cute labels inside for things like “money,” “junk” and “more junk.”

I like this bag so much that when I found out they weren’t going to be making it anymore, I bought an extra one so that I can have it when mine is no longer in good shape (it’s getting there). 

Even though this bag isn’t available anymore, Birdling does have a lot of great options for travel and I would really love to get their Weekender for trips to the lake this summer. 

Apple Watch

My parents got me, my sister and our husbands the first version of the Apple Watch when it came out a few years ago and I wore mine nearly every single day since I got it. A couple of months ago it finally started to wear out. The battery wasn’t lasting as long as it should and it was clear that it was time to get a new one, and Clint got me one for Mother’s Day!

I love it because the watch helps me track my workouts, I can check my emails on the go, I get texts on it and it just helps me feel connected, even when I don’t want to be constantly looking at my phone. I’ll know if something is important and be able to then go handle it, if I need to, just by having my watch on. I literally wear it from the time I get up until the time I go to bed and highly recommend it to anyone considering purchasing one!

For dressing it up, I use my Ultimate Cuff bands pretty frequently (you can get one using NINARAND as a discount code for 15% off!) and already have the Apple x Hermes leather band on my birthday wish list (never mind that my birthday isn’t till November!).

YETI Coffee Mug

For a while I honestly couldn’t understand why people thought YETI was so great. It seemed like seriously overpriced cups and coolers, and maybe it is, but then I got this cup and now I totally get it. 

As an example of why I love it: this week, Jackson started nature camp and it is about a 30 minute drive from our house. I have been making my coffee at about 8:40, we leave the house at 8:50 and I drop him off right around 9:20. I won’t drink my coffee till I’m headed home from drop-off at 9:30 and it is still SO hot, as if I just brewed it. So I enjoy my coffee the whole way home while I listen to the news and have a little time to myself before I start my work day.

It’s still pricey, but it’s another one that I have used every single day since I got it and I just love it!

Big O Key Ring

This product is another one that was sent to me and when I got it, my husband was like “That key ring is gigantic, how will you ever use that?” and I was a little unsure if it would get as much use out of it as the website claimed. But oh my gosh this thing is so great and seriously, who knew you could like a keychain this much!?

Yes, it’s huge, but I can always find it in my mess of a bag, which is fantastic. I actually will throw it around my wrist at school drop-offs and pickups, so that I’m hands free for holding a hand with the boys, carrying things into school or whatever I need. I wear it when we go on walks in the neighborhood and it’s just easy. I swear, this is the little thing you never knew you needed. You’ll be as obsessed with it as I am, trust me.

The Big O Key Ring comes in a bunch of colors, so you’ll definitely find one you like. And if you sign up for their E-mails, you get 15% off of your first order!


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