Natural Beauty Products I’m Loving: June

I’ve mentioned before that I’m focusing on adding more natural skincare and beauty products to my routine and I’ve been trying a few new ones that were worth highlighting and sharing!

Tata Harper Products 

On Sunday I actually started an all-new skincare routine entirely with Tata Harper products and I’ll be doing a review on my experience in a few weeks. BUT I’ve actually been using these few products for quite a while now so I wanted to share them. 

I’ve been doing a double cleanse every other evening with this Nourishing Oil Cleanser and followed up with the Regenerating Cleanser. Other nights, I just do the oil cleanser. It really removes your makeup well and I love how soft my skin feels after using it. On one of the double cleanse nights, I’ll do the “glow getter” where you’ll add the Resurfacing Mask over the Regenerating Cleanser and leave it on for a bit (I usually do 10 minutes while I brush my teeth, get our bed ready, etc.). Your skin just glows and feels amazing after doing this combination, it’s really good! 

I use the Aromatic Energy Treatment on my wrists and neck in the mornings, with an occasional touchup in the afternoon. It smells lovely and naturally floral and it’s a great pick-me-up! 


I shared this Honest Beauty Primer in my Target haul a couple of weeks ago and I don’t use it every day, but I do use it on photo shoot days and days when I wear more makeup. I feel like it helps my makeup stay longer and it feels super light and nice on. You can also wear it on its own for super light coverage.

I love love love this Kosas Color & Light duo. It came in my Evening Bag Edit a few months ago and I have been using it ever since. I really use this one almost every day. When i do full makeup, I use the highlighter and if it’s a “no makeup” look day, I’ll use the dark shade for a little contour, as well. 

Kindred Products 

I was just introduced to Kindred a couple of months ago and really enjoyed the opportunity to try some of the products. The La Femme Body Oil is my very favorite, it is so beautifully fragrant and adds a little shimmer to your skin. I will use it to moisturize, especially on my arms, before bed or for that light glow with sleeveless tops. 

I also love the lip plumper. It’s lightly tingly and moisturizing, and it’s really good for a light (NOT STICKY!) wash of color as a gloss. 

Finally, I wanted to share my favorite essential oil combination. I combine 3-4 drops each of Joy, Bergamot and Grapefruit in my diffuser every morning. I like to call it the “happy blend” because it really does feel that way when you diffuse it. It’s floral, pretty and it’s one that people will notice. I get compliments on it any time someone comes over and this is running in the house. At night, I like doing Frankincense and and Lavender together but i need to do a restock on both. Frankincense actually reminds me of growing up going to church and it’s a scent I’ve always loved. I would love to hear if you have some favorite oil combos too, I need to place an oil order and want to try some new ones! 

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My favorite morning essential oil combo: Joy, Grapefruit, Bergamot


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