Flamingo Sweater + Morning Coffee

As I’m writing this (on Sunday evening), I can already tell you that there will not be enough coffee to get me through this Monday and this YETI Rambler (which I take with me everywhere, just ask my clients and husband) will be refilled a few times until probably 1:00 PM.

Let’s start with a funny story. We’ve planned a summer trip to Toronto, which I’m super excited about, and have to get Dylan a passport. So last week I really thought I had my act together like some sort of mom rockstar and we had the paperwork filled out, pictures taken and birth certificates in hand by mid-week. On Friday morning, we dropped the boys at school and headed to the courthouse to submit everything. And I SWEAR that with Jackson’s, Clint and I just had to appear together, turn in the paperwork and we were good to go. Well, this time we showed up at the courthouse, told the clerk we wanted to get our son a passport and the first thing she said was “Where’s your son?” Well he’s 2, he’s at daycare and apparently needs to show up in order to get his passport. Parent fail, much? So we’ll be headed to do that on this Monday morning, with Dylan in tow and finally be able to check that off of our list. 

Jackson also “graduates” from kindergarten this week, which is going to be a fun thing to do and we’ll have a little party and cake for him. Plus work, plus some fun projects for the blog that I’m working on and with that you’ve got one hell of a week and definitely not enough coffee. 

I also plan on this Monday being the day I start working on my June fitness goals. I slacked at the end of last week but I’m going to start today with a 45 Feel Good Ride for positive vibes to start the week and then an ab workout. My goal is to alternate abs, arms and full-body strength with my workouts. I also booked a workout class out of the house on Tuesday morning, which will be a nice change of pace. 

Before I go, I’ve got to take a second to talk about this outfit! Duffield Lane always sends me the cutest things and this flamingo sweater is a great summer sweater. It’s really great with white jeans and I love it with these seersucker shorts. The shorts are continuing the trend from Friday that apparently I wear shorts now, but these are also definitely comfortable and easy to wear!

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