Spring Break Packing: What I’m Taking to Disney

Over the weekend, I got oddly motivated to get started on packing up our stuff for our Spring Break trip to Disney. I usually don’t start packing this far in advance but since it’s so cold here, I know we won’t need a lot of the items that we’re taking with us for the next couple of weeks, so why not take the time to get them washed up and ready to go. Plus, this will probably give me the chance to see if we’re missing anything or if I have any additional shopping to do before we go! 

For the Parks

I would say we almost overdress for our park days at Disney. The reason is really  that we take a lot of photos and want to look nice in them when we look back. This time, Clint and I talked about taking a bit more of a relaxed, nice looking athleisure approach to most of our days. The goal is to still look put together but maybe a little more comfortable for all of the action.

For athleisure this time I have a few outfits from Athleta that I’m really excited to wear. I got this top and shorts in matching jade green, then these shorts, tank and a jacket for cooler mornings and evenings. I typically really hate wearing shorts but both pairs have a bit longer inseam, so that will definitely be a plus. I think they’ll also hold up well and not wrinkle terribly, which helps with the whole “looking put together” thing.

There are also a couple of days where I know we’ll want to be dressed up a bit more, and I’m so excited that the team at Duffield Lane sent along some of the cutest pieces for me to bring on the trip. I’m most excited about these super cute seersucker shorts (that I’m sure I’ll wear all summer long) and this cute flamingo sweater. I also got this gingham dress which will be so nice and easy to throw on! 

I’ve also been loving my Allbirds loafers so much that I picked up a pair of their sneakers for the trip. If you haven’t tried the brand, they’re SO comfortable and I very highly recommend them!

Pool Time


I’ve been busting my butt working out to feel my best in a bathing suit on this trip, so I’m actually excited to wear one again! Our whole family has suits from Cabana Life to take along. I have this one piece and rash guard, both boys will be matching in this little set and Clint has the same trunks as they do. I’ve always really liked their pieces, they hold up really well (Jackson had a set for more than 2 years an the color didn’t even fade!), and they’re just fun, printed and colorful – perfect for vacation!

By the way, Cabana Life is offering you all a 20% discount with the code RAND20 for 20% off all new arrivals! 


On all of our Disney trips, we plan to have at least one grown ups dinner and this time we get two! My parents are watching the boys one night so that Clint and I can go out to dinner by ourselves, and we are SO excited about it. We also have a group dinner with my parents and my sister and brother-in-law. For me, it’s nice to have a couple of excuses to dress up, since it’s not something we get to do a lot of when we’re at home!

I’m packing a few options for dinners including this Lilly Pulitzer dress and sweater, the Banana Republic dress I have been raving about for a week and I also have this ULLA Johnson jumpsuit. Oh and I can’t wait to show you this new Mirth Caftans dress from their newest collection! 

I’ll also bring along some statement jewelry, including these Kendra Scott earrings and this gorgeous Julie Vos cuff

For the Kids

Thanks to the GAP sale (which is still happening – 40% off right now!) and a little shopping at Old Navy, the kids are going to be pretty well outfitted for the trip! If you’ve seen my Instagram story recently, you’ll know that Jackson is SUPER into dinosaurs. So I got him this tee (with these shorts) and this one (with these shorts). Both boys got these blue shorts to go with striped tees. And for Easter, I did this dinosaur polo (for obvious reasons) for Jackson and this buttondown from the Sarah Jessica Parker for GAP collection for Dylan. 

They both seem to have gone through growth spurts at the same time, so a little spring restock was definitely necessary. I also just really enjoy shopping for them. Not only is their coloring so different but their little personalties are so different that I love finding things that are perfectly fit for each one of them.

I also just really can’t wait to see them interact on this trip. I feel like they’ve become closer recently and can communicate better now that Dylan talks so much. So I’m excited, watching them on these trips is the best part, it’s so sweet and amazing to experience these vacations with them. 

Follow Along

I’m going to do my very best on this trip to document what I wear and what the kids wear, so stay tuned for that! I’ll be posting outfits on the LikeToKnow.It app (some may not make it to Instagram, but they’ll be there!), so if you’re into that, download the app and follow me there. My username is @ninarand and you’ll be able to find my profile on there just like you would with Instagram. 

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