Botox at Tondue Medical Spa

Botox at Tondue Medical Spa featured by top US life and style blog, The HSS Feed.

Alright, another post that has been a long time coming! I was all excited to put this beauty post together and then I had to cancel my Tondue Medical Spa appointment twice due to a snow day and then being sick. So I finally got my Botox done again about two weeks ago and it has fully kicked in so I can show you my before and after, as well as talk about it a little bit. 

Now, before I get started, this is just what my experience at Tondue Medical Spa has been and how my treatments have worked for me. If you’re interested in getting Botox done, I encourage you to ask questions and find an injector that you’re comfortable with. 

Some Botox Background

I’ve been getting Botox done since last May. I got started on it because one of my clients is a medical spa, Tondue Medical Spa. I had been wanting to get Botox done for a while before I started working with the spa, but after watching the owner/nurse injector do Botox and other injectables for several clients, I felt really comfortable with her and got started with it. 

My first round I did my forehead, frown lines and crows feet and have since maintained it in those three areas. The most important to me was getting my eyes done, and she even does a little bit on under my eyes to help with some crinkling there. I also do my forehead and my “11 lines” moderately. I like to be able to still raise my eyebrows at least a little bit, but I don’t mind if my scowl is gone completely!

Botox at Tondue Medical Spa featured by top US life and style blog, The HSS Feed.

I got a little off schedule with my treatments over the last few months, so when I had this done a couple of weeks ago, my eyes still were fine but my forehead really needed some work! So that’s the before and after you’ll see above, with the after being about 2 weeks post-Botox. I’ll probably get my eyes done in a few weeks, so that I’m smooth and ready for Spring Break!

Why I Love my Botox from Tondue Medical Spa

Botox at Tondue Medical Spa featured by top US life and style blog, The HSS Feed.

Mainly I love it because it makes my skin so smooth on my forehead and crows feet. Having photos taken for the blog made me super self-conscious about my eyes and the wrinkles I was seeing around them. So, having my eyes done is always a priority to me. It makes me feel more confident, I feel like I have to wear less makeup and I just feel like it makes me look less tired. If I’m being honest, I’d also love to combine it with some filler in my tear troughs to help lift and brighten my eye area even more, but that isn’t something I’ve done just yet. 

I have had people tell me that they’re surprised that I have Botox because they still see movement in my face. Yes, exactly. I like being frozen, but I still am able to make expressions. Maybe they just aren’t as big as they’d be otherwise, but I can still move my face! I think that’s also why I like and trust my injector so much. With every client she treats and product she uses (whether that’s Botox, filler or otherwise) she always goes for a result that enhances your natural beauty.

Finally, I will also say that having Botox has motivated me to take better care of my skin because if those muscles are not moving, I feel like it gives me the opportunity to get my best products working hard to keep my skin healthy. 

Botox at Tondue Medical Spa Q&A

Botox at Tondue Medical Spa featured by top US life and style blog, The HSS Feed.

Does it hurt? In my experience, no it doesn’t hurt. I don’t get numbed or anything and it is really quick and easy. Yes, sometimes I do bruise, but the bruises don’t last long and are pretty easy to cover up. I find that I bruise more often if I’ve had wine within a few days of getting it done, so now I try to make sure I’m wine-free for a week beforehand.

How often do you get it done? I get mine done approximately every 3 months. But I’m in the spa for work on a weekly basis so if I want to wait longer or even get it done sooner, sometimes I will do that. This will be different for everyone, because it depends on the rate at which your body metabolizes the product. 

How much does it cost? This will vary depending on where you live and on each individual provider. The medical spa I go to charges $12 per unit (and they say that a typical dosage is 20 units per “area” – forehead, frown or crows feet). But I also recommend that you sign up for the Brilliant Distinctions rewards program and keep an eye out for rebates and specials. Most importantly, go somewhere you like, not somewhere based on cost alone. 

Can you get Botox done for migraines? Yes, you can. If this is something you’re considering, you really need to do an individual consultation and get more details about how this may be able to work for you. This is not something I experience, so I can’t speak directly to it, but it is something that Botox can be used to treat in some cases.  

If you have any questions about my experience, where I go or anything else, always feel free to message me or E-mail me! Again, I just recommend that you get a consultation before you get started with Botox or any other cosmetic treatment, make sure you like and trust your provider and be clear about your goals and what you like/dislike along the way!

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