My “Calm Down” Bedtime Routine

A couple of weeks ago when I was sick, I was feeling awful, not sleeping and just generally getting stressed out (and probably feeling worse) because of what I was missing out on doing and the lack of energy I had. So finally, one night I just told Clint I was heading up early, taking out some of the most comforting products that I had and getting myself all clean and relaxed so I would, hopefully, get some sleep. 

Well, it worked! The night I did this for the first time, I finally slept well and have used it a few times since and it helps me sleep SO much better. Since it was a good, random thing I came up with, I thought I’d share it with you all and maybe it’s something you could pull some ideas from if you too are in need of a good night’s sleep! 

So, to get started, I got our bed ready and turned on my oil diffuser with some lavender. Now, I’m very new to the whole “essential oils” thing but I really wanted to give it a try and diffusing has been the way it has really worked best for me. I have been diffusing lavender for about 30 minutes every night before we go to bed and I really think it is helpful for creating a calm space and it has become something I really like a lot. 

When I was sick, I started with a super steamy shower to help me breathe easier. But on a normal night, I’ll take a shower and then use the Aveeno 24-Hour Moisturizing Lotion that I mentioned in my Meijer Beauty post a couple of weeks ago. It’s been the best one I’ve found for winter skin and really calms your skin down and makes it more comfortable. Plus it absorbs quickly and isn’t sticky for sleeping!

For facial skincare, I went with a few of my natural beauty favorites from Tata Harper. I chose these because of the calming fragrances and just the relaxing and smoothing element that seems to come in all of their products. This Nourishing Oil Cleanser is amazing for removing makeup and really softening your skin. You put it on dry skin and it is so smooth and relaxing. Plus it really removes all the dirt and makeup you’ve got on. I followed that up with their Boosted Contouring Eye Mask. It really does help with tired eyes and it is supposed to help smooth your crows feet area, as well (which I cannot completely attest to because I have Botox there, but I use it in that area anyway because I can use all the help I can get and it makes my skin feel really good!). Finally, I’d use the Tata Harper Creme Riche moisturizer. The trick with this one is to warm it in your hands before applying. It’s thick and that helps activates the sugars in the product and makes it feel all velvety and smooth. I love love LOVE this product! It’s an amazing moisturizer and, again, the smell is amazing.

To finish up with facial skincare, I put on my Latisse and then do a spray of this Rose Hibiscus spray. It is supposed to be hydrating, so I like that but I really think it’s just refreshing and it smells really pretty. 

My very last step is a habit I’m happy to have started and that’s moisturizer for my hands and feet. I used the Aveda Foot Relief, because I’ve always liked it and then for my hands, the Aveda Hand Relief. I found that my hands were really badly dry from the winter cold and being washed so often, so I made it work even better by adding a half a pump of my Colleen Rothschild Face Oil. Honestly, I had Clint do this too because he said his hands were cracking from the cold and he was impressed that it worked. Yes, he told me it smelled girly, but it worked and, as proof, he has done it a few times unprompted since. 

So that’s it, my calming bedtime routine. The combination of the products, scents and diffusing oil definitely got me relaxed and ready to sleep – and get feeling better! Now that I’ve kicked the sinus infection, I’m still doing these steps (except I’ll do either this retinol oil or this beautifying face oil as part of it too) and sleeping great! 

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