3 Ways to Wear Red Pants

Since last summer I think I’ve been saying “When things calm down I will (fill in the blank for things I’ll have time to do)…” but that time never seems to come. So occasional blog breaks around here are a thing, and I’m trying not to be too hard on myself about it. I am still working out that mom of two/business owner work-life balance thing and I don’t have it down quite yet but I’m hoping to keep working toward it and get closer every day. All tips and advice are welcome!

I’ve been excited to put together this post ever since these pants came in the mail. Back around Christmas I asked my Instagram followers to vote whether I should get these or a pair of green glitter pants and an overwhelming number of votes went to the red pants! So, since it’s Valentine’s week, it seems like the perfect time to break out these bad boys and show you a few ways to wear them.

Let’s start by talking about the fit of the pants. I’m wearing a size Small, which is pretty normal for me. I bounce between a XS and S these days, just sort of depending on the style. These are more narrow in the waist, so the small was a good pick for me. On length, they’re definitely long on me and I do need to head to the alterations place to have a couple of inches taken off so I can wear them with lower heels as we get into Spring. They’re also really flowy and wide-legged. That definitely means comfort but make sure you’re wearing a more fitted or detailed top to balance things out. 

Look 1

This is an almost monochromatic look for me – it’s actually perfect for a casual Valentine’s Day! This sweatshirt comes in a couple of other colors and it is SO comfortable, I want it in white next. It’s a little bit cropped in the front so it goes perfectly with high waisted pants. Also, I can’t tell you how much I love these white booties. My husband would strongly disagree, but that’s okay. I call them my disco boots and I think they are so much fun – and the price is an amazing, not too much invested in this trend!

BURU Red Pants (wearing size S) // BURU Mama Sweatshirt (wearing size S/M)// White Booties // Kate Spade Earrings

Look 2

I’m a bit out of my comfort zone in this one but I really love it. This Tesoro Collective sweater is kind of loud but also totally amazing. The embellished details are really fun and I like how colorful this look is, just in general. This sweater also pairs really well with jeans and is going to be one I wear a lot as we transition to spring. Also, if you don’t already have these Lisi Lerch Ginger earrings, they go with everything and can even be a good fit with an embellished top like this one!

BURU Red Pants (wearing size S) // Tesoro Collective Sweater (also comes in green) // Nude Heels (similar here) // Lisi Lerch Earrings

Look 3

Now if look 2 was out of my comfort zone, this one is firmly planted in it. I love a chambray shirt with everything and it, or any other button-down that you have, will tuck in perfectly to these pants. This look lets you see the belt that comes with the pants to help get that “paper bag” sort of cinch at the waist. I hope this shows that you could easily make these pants work for a casual Friday or a creative office. I’m learning not to shy away from color so I hope that will inspire you to embrace it, as well!

BURU Red Pants (wearing size S) // J.Crew Chambray Shirt // Similar Brynn Hudson Earrings // Black Heels (similar here)

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