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If you remember from my New Year’s Beauty Resolution post, I’m trying to be better about consistently using skincare and I’m rewarding myself for good habits at the end of the month (hello, bribery works!). So far, I’ve been really good about it and I picked up a few new things from Meijer on my last grocery shop there to try out and share with you all as some easy additions to your skincare routine.

Winter has been rough on my skin already, so I’ve had to make some updates to stay hydrated and protect my skin. I’ve been using the Aveeno Skin Relief lotion every single day this month and it has definitely made a difference. I put it on after my shower in the morning and my skin stays smooth and moisturized for the entire rest of the day. No more itchy, scaly grossness – thank goodness! I had also heard great things about this Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel (it was named one of the top drugstore moisturizers by Allure Magazine), so I picked that up as well. I like that it has hyaluronic acid in it, which is a key ingredient in keeping your skin plumped up and moisturized. It absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy and is a great follow up to my cleansing!

In the interest of keeping my other New Year’s resolution of adding more natural products to my routine, I also picked up a couple of things from Burt’s Bees. These facial cleansing wipes are really great for quick clean-ups or those nights where you really don’t feel like washing your face but you know you should. I got a lot of use out of these when I was sick last week and was way too lazy to do my full skincare routine. I also thought I’d try one of their Lip Shimmers and Champagne just called out to me (oddly enough during “dry January” around here). It’s light and smoothing and has such a light color to it, that it makes it perfect for no makeup days!

For my last item, I FINALLY tried a Micellar Cleansing Water by L’Oreal. I think I’m a little behind the game on this one, but it is really great! I’ll continue to use it to remove my eye makeup because it was so gentle with my contacts and left no oil residue, like you’ll get with a lot of eye makeup removers. I also used it on the rest of my face and then would cleanse with a normal cream cleanser and I felt nice and softly (not squeaky and dry!) clean. 

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