Lunching Smart with Wise Apple

I found out about Wise Apple several months back from a friend who had learned of the brand (when it was formerly Eat Pakd) from the Notre Dame Alumni Network. When we heard of it, we were just starting to get ready for kindergarten and our first ever foray into packing lunches for Jackson.

At pre-school and Young 5s, Jackson’s school provided both breakfast and lunch as part of the tuition, which was awesome. He can also buy hot lunch at kindergarten, but he’s sort of entered a newly picky phase of eating and I knew that would lead to at least a few days a week of wanting “cold lunch.”

While we’re pretty creative with our meal planning, we’re less creative with school lunches. Meal prep lunches are easy because you can plan for a microwave, adding dressing or whatever else, but cold lunches for school need to last till lunch time, be healthy and easy for kids. We’re also all about the meal delivery thing, from having our groceries delivered with Shipt and dinners with Plated, so this was a perfect fit for us. 

When we had the opportunity to try a few weeks of Wise Apple, Clint and I were really excited. Over the three weeks of meals that we’ve tried, there were a few things that stood out to us: 

  • It got Jackson to try new foods // I’m pretty sure that Jackson eats better when we’re not around. The meals that we got were different than what we would have otherwise made for lunch and I think the variety was fun for him!
  • The food is fresh and healthy // You can customize the Wise Apple meals with fruits, vegetables and even healthier desserts. There are lots of options and the portions are perfect!
  • The meals save SO much time // In the evening, we’ll talk to Jackson about what he wants for lunch the next day. If he doesn’t want hot lunch, we look at our Wise Apple packs and talk about what sounds good. In the morning it takes just a minute to put a pack in his lunch box, grab a bottled water and head out the door (because we are ALWAYS rushed, it seems!). 

I also have to admit that I stole a couple of packs over the weeks as either quick lunches or snacks for myself! They’re really great portion sizes and I liked getting to try the food for myself. My favorites (see the whole menu here) were the Nosh with Nolis and Presto Pesto. Jackson’s favorites were the Ham & Cheese Please and Pita Pizza. 

Wise Apple has offered a promo code for you all for $10 off of your first week of meals. Just use the code HSSLUNCH at check out. I am also running a giveaway of a week of meals over on my Instagram today, which will end on Sunday so don’t miss it! 

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