2018: Health & Fitness Resolutions

Anyone else making the usual, semi-cliche fitness and health resolutions for the new year? I can’t help myself. It’s the perfect time to commit to a new routine and start fresh!

Last year I found a workout I love in our Peloton bike, as well as the fitness camp I did at Sarah Fechter Fitness (I fully plan on doing it again this summer!). This year I plan on taking that workout to another level and setting real goals that I can work toward meeting. I still don’t want to base my workout success on weight, so I’m going to avoid making “lose X pounds” type resolutions and focus on my health, how my clothes fit and how I feel!

Ride 100 Miles Every Month

I tried this in December and definitely failed. But I got close. December was just a little too crazy and I was in a terrible routine. I did about 85 miles, which was not bad, but I can do better and have done much better. To do this, I know that I need to add 1-2 longer cardio sessions into my week (which means 45 minute rides), so that means being better at planning and organizing my schedule. I’m going to attempt to book time on my calendar like I do with my meetings in order to take live rides or just book that time for myself and my workout.

I would also like to pair this goal with some strength work, whether that’s through Peloton (because it’s easy for me) or by attending a class regularly. I love working out at home but I do sometimes miss the social element of fitness classes, so I should probably get out a bit!

To help keep me accountable on this, I just bought a dry erase board for my bike area so that I can keep track of this and I hope that by mid-year I can maybe even bump this up to 150 miles a month!

Commit to Cutting Sugar

Working out is pretty easy for me. I obviously have the bike in my basement and I know I can make it part of my schedule and routine, plus I enjoy it. The really hard part for me is diet. And I know my workouts would be much more effective if I actually got my diet in check.

The biggest thing for me is cutting sugar. I have a terrible sweet tooth and I’m sure that I could work on this and really get feeling better. My goal is to initially cut down to one real sweet a day, and trying to make that a chocolate square and some tea in the evening. When I get my other cravings during the day, I want to substitute with a LaCroix or some fruit. I’m pretty sure the first couple of weeks of this are going to suck, but once I get past that and start feeling better, I know it’ll get easier and be worth it!

I also plan on attacking this goal by cutting down on my alcohol intake. I know that doing this will help with my health across the board. I’ll sleep better, have more energy and just be healthier. It’s not like I drink a lot, but I drink more than I probably need to, so I really want to just get this in check. 

Just like in my beauty resolution, I’d also like bring some more natural products into our pantry and regular food routine. I’m planning to order some of these teas, and just make sure we’re buying and eating lots of fruits and vegetables, along with trying some more recipes with whole grains. I really want to focus on an overall healthy eating mode and hope that it will also help with my next goal/resolution.  

Up My Energy Level

I’m a mom, very busy business owner, blogger and I have a ton of stuff to do around our house all the time. With all of that, I need to have a lot of energy! 

So, to make sure I’m able to do everything I can to keep my businesses and our family running smoothly, I want to make sure I’m taking care of myself. The workouts I know will help with my energy level, as will the changes in my diet. I also want to work on making sure I’m rested and sleeping well, as well as being good about taking my vitamins and supplements.

I looked in to doing Care/Of Vitamins, and they do custom packs depending on your needs and requests, so I think I’m going to start there. I also want to get better about taking my collagen on a daily basis, as well as my TULA probiotics

This is another thing I’m great about starting but not so good about continuing, so as I do with my children, I’m bribing myself. If I take my vitamins and collagen every day in the month of January, I’m rewarding myself with a new pair of Kendra Scott earrings. 

What are some of your health and fitness goals in 2018? 

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